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LIST: 3 Doctors To Subscribe To In YouTube For Legitimate COVID-19 Content

Learn about COVID-19 from these licensed doctors who are also YouTubers!

As social media grows more and more popular among all age groups amid the quarantine, the chances of being misinformed by posts you find on your timeline also increases. And during these times, many of the posts with incorrect information are about COVID-19 and other pandemic-related topics.

Luckily, there are independent groups and individuals, like doctors, that help fact check questionable social media posts on different platforms. Most of these doctor-content creators put out videos on YouTube to see if social media is spreading factual information or not. (Read: ‘Getting Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Is An Act of Love’ -Pope Francis)

So if you’re one of those who often see fake news on their timeline about COVID-19 and want to learn the actual truth behind the pandemic, check out the doctor-content creators on YouTube! Share them with you family and friends, as well, so we can bust myths and prevent further public misinformation.

Doctor-Content Creator: Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike, or Mikhail Varshavski, is a family medicine doctor in New York. He’s been guested on many shows in the US, and has a huge social media presence–probably because he’s been compared to the fictional character, Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy.

He has been on YouTube since 2016, and last year, when the pandemic started, Doctor Mike was one of the YouTubers that made videos about COVID-19. He was fact checking media’s news about COVID, explaining what the coronavirus is, and even interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on several occasions!

Doctor Mike has been trying his best since last year to keep everyone informed and educated about the pandemic, so you can subscribe to him here for his content.

Doctor-Content Creator: Kristina Braly

Dr. Kristina Braly is an anesthesiologist in Texas who does YouTube on the side. She usually posts “day in the life” videos, lifestyle content, and reaction videos to medical dramas. But since the pandemic hit last year, Kristina has also put out pandemic-related content on her channel. (Read: LOOK: Mattel Honors COVID-19 Frontliners, Including Fil-Am Doctor From Las Vegas!)

She explains what the coronavirus is in one video, gives tips on how to protect you and your family from getting infected in another, and shares her experience getting the vaccine! Kristina tries to make her explanations as simple as possible so viewers can better understand our current situation, and become more informed and relatively less scared of the virus. Subscribe to her here.

Doctor-Content Creator: ZDoggMD

ZDoggMD, or Dr. Zubin Damania, is a Stanford-trained hospital doctor. He was one of the “original” doctors who shared valuable medical information on YouTube, even before the pandemic! And as we’re facing the pandemic, Dr. Damania has also put out more content about COVID-19–in a fun, entertaining way.

Many of his pandemic-related videos center in on vaccines–what they are, how they work, and why you should get inoculated. Amid the vaccine hesitancy that many people still experience, it’s good to hear legitimate information from a real doctor–so subscribe to him here.

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