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These YouTubers Had *This* to Say About Jollibee Chickenjoy

"Jollibee is all about the chicken!"

Filipinos are known to love food. We like cooking, eating, and trying out new dishes here and abroad. And to say that we are good at cooking is an understatement—we are the home of the famous Chickenjoy, after all!

But kidding aside, there are a lot of food establishments that were actually born in the Philippines and are now making waves in different corners of the world. (Read: Filipino Restaurant in New York Makes Headlines for Delicious Dishes) One of these is the undeniably popular fast food chain, Jollibee.

With over 200 stores outside the Philippines, Jollibee has been spreading joy around the world with its signature Chickenjoy and other Jolly products. (Read: Jollibee Opens First Store in Rome, Italy) Its branches in some countries even have people lining up to their drive-thru just to take their products home—further piquing the interest of foreigners who were curious as to why the fast food chain is all the rage.

And now, Jollibee is being reviewed by foreigners on YouTube! We actually found three content creators who tried Jolly products for the first time and reacted to it on camera. Here’s what they had to say!

TheDailyWoo: “Jollibee Has All the Bells and Whistles”

Photo from TheDailyWoo YouTube

YouTube vlogger TheDailyWoo, otherwise known as Adam, is a California-based video creator who tried out Jollibee in Anaheim, California. He asked the crew to get him the bestselling combination and he ended up with a Jolly Spaghetti and Chicken meal with pineapple juice and the famous peach mango pie.

When Adam first opened the packaging, he was surprised to see that the spaghetti had hotdog slices, “That looks like some cheese in there, and what is this [hotdog] in here? Oh, wow, it has all the bells and whistles,” he says. (Read: WATCH: Rival Companies Unite for the First Time to Inspire Positivity)

And when he started actually trying out the food, he was happy that the pineapple juice really tasted fresh, thus actually acting as a refreshing drink. The Chickenjoy was another favorite, as all he could say was a “dan good chicken, goodness gracious.” As for the spaghetti, Adam said he wouldn’t usually have hotdog slices on his spaghetti and the noodles tasted a bit different from what he was used to. (Read: 5 TikTok Accounts to Follow for Easy Recipes)

Lastly for the dessert, Adam tried the peach mango pie and said, “On paper, it doesn’t sound like it would be delightful to the tastebuds, but I like it.” All in all, Adam declares that he would and will return to Jollibee in the future, saying that the portions were enough and the prices weren’t expensive.

Jolly: “Jollibee Is All About the Chickenjoy”

Photo from JOLLY YouTube

Another YouTube channel, coincidentally called Jolly, also tried Jollibee food, this time in the United Kingdom. The members, Josh, Ollie, and Gabie, ordered almost everything from the menu, including the burger steak and the sundae—which Ollie says is good!

When the trio took a bite of the chicken, all of them said that they liked how juicy and less greasy it is compared to other fast food fried chicken. “It’s way less greasy, definitely feels less guilty,” they said. And they loved it even more when they ate it together with the Jolly Spaghetti. (Read: There’s a New Viral TikTok Recipe, and It’s Called ‘Jollibee Bake!’)

The three, however, weren’t big fans of the Jolly hotdog, Yum burger, and the burger steak, but were pleasantly surprised that the rice was packaged like a burger and didn’t taste like “fast food rice.”

“It’s good rice! It’s not like convenience store rice,” Josh said. And with the amount of food they tried from Jollibee, their key takeaway was that the fast food chain was all about the chicken. “I would say, we have an abundance of chicken shops in the UK and they are generally awful. The chicken here [Jollibee] I would have again, it’s good,” Ollie states.

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