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4 YouTube Documentaries That Educate About the Philippines

These documentaries are not just informative, they are also entertaining and insightful!

If the thought of watching a documentary puts you to sleep, think again.

While documentaries are educational and informative films about a person, place, or event-based on facts, they can also be entertaining and insightful! (Read: Alden Richards to Host New Documentary ‘Lockdown: Food Diaries’)

Take a break from your usual movie streaming service to reacquaint yourself with the country and its people through these four documentaries. After all, there’s still so much to learn about the Philippines— even if you’re a Filipino. 

YouTube Documentaries: Untamed Philippines

This documentary by National Geographic shows that there’s more to the Philippines than its famed tourist attractions. (WATCH: DOT Gives Tips for Safe Travels in Breathtaking Video Ad)

As one of 18 mega-biodiverse countries in the world and home to over 70 percent of the world’s plant and animal species, the Philippines abounds with unusual flora and fauna. Among them:  the coconut crab (so called because its claws can break open coconuts), tamaraw (one of the rarest mammals on Earth), Quezon Blue (a prized tarantula), and the carnivorous rat-eating pitcher plant. 

YouTube Documentaries: Bizarre Foods Manila

American chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern treats his taste buds to lechon, bibingka, inasal, balut, adobo, and other beloved Filipino dishes. To hear him declare, “the food of the Philippines is one of my favorites, one of the world’s best, and most underrated cuisines” in the beginning of this documentary will make you swell with pride.

YouTube Documentaries: Yaya

Stories of overseas domestic workers enduring abuse from their employers are common, but this documentary about Hong Kong-based Filipina helper Teresita Lauang is different. (Read: 3 Strong Filipinos Who Survived Modern-Day Slavery)

Told from the perspective of Justin Cheung, whose family has employed Teresita for over 20 years, Yaya shows that domestic helpers can be appreciated too. “She’s a member of the family,” they say repeatedly. What about her own family? Justin finds out by flying to the Philippines with her.      

YouTube Documentaries: Cost of the Crown

An investigative look into Filipinos’ obsession with beauty pageants, this documentary by Undercover Asia shows the not-so-glamorous side of these events, from the perspective of three female pageant hopefuls. The 46-minute film also explores the seedy side of male pageantry and the price one pays for fame and fortune.  (Read: How Beauty Pageants Inspire Us to Handle Defeat Graciously)

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