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Youth Should Be The ‘Critical Conscience of Society’- Pope Francis

"Don't be afraid to criticize! We need your criticism."

Pope Francis urged young Catholics to “be the critical conscience of society” during a Mass to celebrate the 36th World Youth Day.

In the Mass held at St. Peter’s Basilica on November 21, the Pope encouraged young people to swim against society’s current but be mindful of becoming victims of conspiracy theories.

“Friends, we are not here to be enchanted by the sirens of the world, but to take our lives in hand, to ‘take a bite out of life,’ in order to live it to the full,” the Pope said. (Read: 3 Messages From Pope Francis to Inspire the Youth)

“In this way, with the freedom of Jesus, we find the courage we need to swim against the current. I would like to emphasize this: swimming against the current, having the courage to swim against the current.”

Avoid ambiguous compromises

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Moreover, the Pope said that the youth should strive to be free and authentic and “be the critical conscience of society.”

“Don’t be afraid to criticize! We need your criticism. Many of you, for example, are critical of environmental pollution. We need this! Be free in criticism,” Pope Francis said.

He added that it is important to be passionate about truth so life will not be a captive to “the mindset of the world.” “I am free, because I reign with Jesus for justice, love and peace!” (Read: Want to know how it feels to be Jesus? This new video game will show you how!)

‘Jesus loves your dreams’

In this 2016 file photo, Pope Francis walks with World Youth Day pilgrims as he arrives for a prayer vigil at the Field of Mercy in Krakow, Poland. (Photo from CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Pope Francis delivered the homily to 2,000 young people. He urged them to not be afraid to encounter Jesus because “He loves your dreams and helps you make them come true.”

He said that the youth should dream and live and that their dreams for fraternity, solidarity, justice, and peace are “Jesus’ own dreams for humanity.” (Read: Three female astronauts who’ll inspire you to go after your dreams)

Pope Francis reminded his young audience in St. Peter’s Basilica and worldwide that “the final word on our life will belong to Jesus, not to us” because he is “the Lord of history.” He is “the One who endures while everything else passes away,” and he is “our sure and eternal hope.”


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