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READ: Young Adults Recall Funny Moments They Were Scolded in the Kitchen

Their kitchen mistakes are now inside jokes between the family!

We’ve all heard the saying “We make mistakes because we’re human,” or any of its iterations, at least once in our lives. We hear it in films and TV shows, or read it in books often because it rings true always. We’re not perfect and we’re bound to make mistakes— especially in the kitchen!

Whether we end up burning rice or forgetting to thaw frozen goods, we’ve all experienced making mistakes in the kitchen — and getting scolded by our parents for it. Oftentimes, these moments are the ones we end up laughing about whenever we reminisce or tell stories during family reunions. (Read: 3 Valuable Lessons From the Kitchen, According to Chef RV Manabat)

So out of curiosity, My Pope Philippines asked three women if they’ve been scolded for a kitchen mistake, and what their mistake was. Here are their trivial and funny stories!

‘I left dirty dishes on the sink because I was hungry.’

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“I love cooking as much as I love to eat. And whenever I would cook at home, I would put all the dishes and utensils I used for cooking in the sink then eat my food first. My mom would always scold me for leaving the dirty dishes because she wanted them cleaned as soon as they’re done being used. She’d always remind me to wash them before eating my meal, but sometimes, I’d be so hungry that I end up prioritizing eating!”

– Ania, 24

‘They say it takes a long time for me to cook.’

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“When my parents are busy, they’d ask me to cook our lunch for us. But when they would finish their work before I finish cooking, my parents would tell me, ‘Ang tagal mo magluto,’ because I’d finish chopping and preparing all ingredients first before actually heating the pan. They would also jokingly say that they should’ve just cooked lunch instead of me because they’re getting hungry just waiting for me. But I still volunteer to cook for the family when they’re busy because it’s something I can contribute at home.”

– Lia, 26

‘I accidentally left the bigas not cooking.’

Photos from (ibelieveicanfry) Green Living Bees and My Plastic-free Life

“At home, I am always assigned with saing duties because I’d be too busy at school (and now work) to be able to cook a meal for us. There was one time I was so stressed and occupied that I washed the bigas, poured water, and turned on the rice cooker, but didn’t actually push the button to ‘cook’ setting! It was my dad who noticed that the water wasn’t boiling at all, and told me I forgot to cook the rice and let it stay in water for more than 20 minutes. I got a scolding from my parents for being distracted, but that incident eventually became an inside joke between the family, so it’s all good.”

– Karina, 21

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