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Yes, ‘Generosity Burnout’ is a Real Thing—and Here’s How to Avoid it

“No one has ever become poor by giving,” Anne Frank once wrote. And indeed, the world is filled with altruistic people who believe this. An article in the Harvard Business Review even discussed a study that explored why some people have an easier time being generous than others. In the end, scientists discovered this: “They found that the decision to give or take simply comes down to how much importance you attach to your interests versus someone else’s,” wrote author Nicole Torres. “So if you’re the type of person who considers other people’s needs as much as your own, self-sacrificing tends to be automatic… If you typically place more value on yourself, then giving feels more onerous.”

But even when we sincerely try to lead with a spirit of generosity, many of us have also experienced how being benevolent can sometimes be tricky. This is why we’ve come up with this simple guide to giving. Read on with an open mind, heart, and hands, and let us help you avoid what people now refer to as Generosity Burnout!

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How to be generous even when you don’t have a lot of money

You can still be generous without going broke! Share your time, presence, or expertise with those in need. You can also join a local charity organization, or raise funds for typhoon victims with a garage sale. Call on organizations like Segunda Mana of Caritas Manila to do the heavy lifting, or volunteer with those that match your skills and advocacy, like Hands On Manila.

How to be generous even toward those who are successful and happy

It’s easy for us to understand that we should be generous toward the less fortunate, but we should also remember to be generous with those who are successful and happy. How so? By being sincerely pleased for them. Their having more does not mean there will be less left over for you. And being happy for their triumphs allows you to shift your mindset from one that sees what you don’t have, to one that recognizes how abundant the world is.

How be generous with yourself

Taking time out to rest and make sure you are in tip-top condition allows you to be and do your best, which goes a long way when you want to help others. So instead of refusing the good things others want to bestow upon you, graciously receive them and say thank you. Be generous with your acceptance, and allow others the same sense of joy and fulfilment you feel when you are on the giving end.

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Text by Tata Mapa. Photos from Pexels and GIPHY.
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