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Friday, October 23, 2020
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Three My Pope-approved ways to stay healthy during a quarantine

World Health Day, an international day marked every April 7 since 1950, could not be more relevant to us than today. The world is in the midst of containing COVID-19, a highly contagious new virus and invisible enemy. With the total number of confirmed cases reaching over a million, while the total number of deaths stand over 60,000 and counting, as per’s coronavirus map, it appears that this enemy is winning the war. Appropriately, World Health Day 2020’s tagline is “Support Nurses and Widwives,” health workers who risk their own lives to save others.  

While experts race to find a cure to this virus, the goal for now is to flatten the curve—that is, to stop the confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 from spiking. Preventive measures are helping achieve this goal. An enhanced community quarantine is keeping people at home (and not outside where they can either get infected or inadvertently pass on the virus). And wearing face masks protects us from spreading or catching infected droplets from coughing, sneezing, and talking, as does washing our hands with soap and water. 

Staying healthy is crucial at this time. But can you maintain optimum health in a quarantine? Sure you can! Here are three ways: 

Eat healthy.

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Understandably, the order to stay at home indefinitely has led people to panic-buy no-fuss processed food like instant noodle soup. Next time you go to the market or supermarket (or order delivery), stock up on fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables, and prepare meals that are fortified with immunity-boosting nutrients. Even canned sardines, a staple of many relief goods packages in the Philippines, offers healthy protein and omega-3 fatty acids, says


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No gym? No problem! Workouts that make use of the space in your room  and using alternative weights or your own body abound on YouTube. Fitness instructor Jenny McClendon offers full-body routines for beginners and seniors alike, as Gina B does in her Up to the Beat Fit and Queen of Walk Leslie Sansone.  If stretching’s more your thing, check out sarahbethyoga and pilatesanytime. And if you’re not into structured workouts, put on some music and dance! 

Turn to people for inspiration.


Has staying indoors and worrying about getting infected or how to pay the bills gotten you down? Mental health is just as important as physical health these days, so tune in to people who can lift your spirits. When he isn’t making people laugh, comedian Steve Harvey (better known as host of Miss Universe) is an excellent storyteller and inspirational speaker. For a priestly perspective to what’s happening in the world now, listen to Fr. Mike Schmitz on Ascension Presents: the American priest has relatable thoughts on topics like “How should Catholics respond to the coronavirus pandemic,” “When your desires and God’s plans are different,” and “God’s ways are not our ways.” “Sometimes it’s not the process we want but it is the process that we need,” he says.  You can also tune in to My Pope’s Instagram Live as editor-in-chief Aizel Dolom talks about relevant issues in light of the enhanced community quarantine and coronavirus– in an uplifting and inspiring way, of course! 


Text by Joy Rojas.

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