Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Pope Francis recognizes the significant efforts of women in the COVID-19 crisis

Empowered women across the globe are showing us what leadership truly means: They are all transparent, decisive, innovative, and loving.

After the Regina Caeli during his Easter Mass on April 12, Pope Francis reflected on women’s contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic and compared their efforts to the women in the Bible who told the disciples of Jesus’s resurrection. The Santo Papa specifically mentioned women doctors, nurses, security forces and prison guards, and employees of establishments that provide basic necessities. 

The Pope also recognized the mothers, sisters, and other female members of the family who are in their homes taking care of children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. “I would like to call to mind the efforts of so many women during this health crisis,” he said. He also didn’t forget to acknowledge the women who are forced to stay in abusive and violent homes, and says he continues to pray that the Lord grants them strength.

Aside from the women, Pope Francis also mentioned the current COVID-19 pandemic faced by the entire world. “During Easter Week, I pray[ed] for all them [countries suffering during the crisis]. Don’t forget that the Pope is praying for you. He is near you,” Pope Francis says. Before concluding his Easter Mass, he invited everyone to “remain united in prayer and help each other as brothers and sisters.” He then blessed Rome before ending his address.

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Wonder Women of the Crisis

Seven countries' female leaders effectively managing the coronavirus crisis
Photo source: Forbes

In an article on Forbes, it was noted that countries with some of the best COVID-19 responses all have one thing in common: women leaders. These women in power are showing us what leadership truly is in times of emergencies and health crises. They are transparent, decisive, innovative, and loving.

Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir of Iceland has started free testing for their entire population—not just those with symptoms, but everyone who lives in Iceland can be tested for the virus. They didn’t need to impose lockdowns or quarantines because of this. 

Another is Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen who had put 124 measures—yes, you read that right—in place even before the coronavirus started to spread worldwide! Since they have measures imposed, a lockdown wasn’t necessary. Moreover, Taiwan has only reported six deaths. Now, the country is sending 10 million face masks to the US and Europe. 

A model for transparency during this health crisis is Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. There was no moment of denial for the chancellor, as she immediately told her countrymen that this is a serious situation and that it could infect 70% of their population. Germany is currently on a quarantine, just like their European neighbors—but because of their rapid response to the crisis, they might be able to loosen restrictions in the near future.

Text by Katie Rojas.

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