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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Here’s Why You Should Learn First Aid Today

Like Prince Harry and Ryan Reynolds, you can save lives with basic first aid!

The year is almost over, but you can still make it a productive one by learning something that could come in handy in the future—and even save someone’s life. 

Consider taking up first aid. Sure, you may never have to use it—and thank God if you don’t—but life has a way of surprising us with situations that require us to think on our feet and move fast. Best be prepared if and when it happens! (Read: The medical intern who saved a woman during MRT mishap)

World First Aid Day, held every 12th of September, promotes the importance of first aid training in preventing injuries and saving lives. First aid lessons from the army taught Prince Harry how to help a rival polo player regain consciousness after he fell off his horse in a 2012 polo match. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds credits first aid from the Red Cross for teaching him how to perform CPR, an emergency procedure he used to save his nephew’s life. (Read: The heroic acts of three Filipinos who touched the hearts of the Internet community)

Still not convinced? Michael Angelo L. Macabe, a Megaforce security officer currently assigned at the UP Ayala Technohub in Quezon City, explains why every one of us should learn first aid. He underwent training from the Red Cross Quezon City chapter and is now part of his company’s emergency response team. 

(Left) Michael applies one of the common bandaging methods. (Right) Michael Macabe demonstrates CPR. (Photos courtesy of subject)

Why is it important to learn first aid? 

In the event of an emergency, you can respond immediately by helping lessen the pain or severity of the condition of the victim before he or she is brought to the hospital. (Read: 5 Movies and TV Shows About Medical Workers)

Is it easy or hard to learn first aid? 

It’s easy. The challenging part is using it in a real-life scenario. Kailangan mo ng lakas ng loob. (Read: 5 Prayers for Strength and Encouragement Amid Difficulties)

Which of the trainings can you never forget? 

CPR and bandaging. In CPR, you have to memorize the step-by-step procedure because a person’s life depends on it; giving CPR extends a person’s life. In bandaging, we learned the most common types used during accidents, so you really shouldn’t forget them.

Constant practice of first aid training helps refresh the memory, says Michael. (Photo courtesy of subject)

How do you ensure that you remember what you’re taught? 

Focus. Look and listen carefully when the steps are being demonstrated, because one mistake could mean the end of a patient’s life. Constant practice also helps refresh your memory. (Read: Pope Francis Leads Prayers for Victims of Lebanon Explosion)

Interested to learn first aid? Check out the different training programs offered by the Philippine Red Cross!

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