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Which ‘Star Wars’ Character Fits Your Personality?

Today is National Star Wars Day— which character are you most alike?

Today is May 4, and for many of us, it’s just another day to either work or attend virtual classes. But for fans of the famed Star Wars franchise, this day is a special day.

The date— May Fourth or May the Fourth— is a wordplay on the iconic “May the force be with you” line that many of the Star Wars characters say throughout the movies and series. As such, May 4 has become an unofficial but widely celebrated “holiday” that people have started to remember over the years. (Read: 3 Movies to Watch if You Have a ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Hangover)

So to commemorate Star Wars day this year, My Pope Philippines lists some of the most iconic characters from the franchise and lets you find out which one you are IRL. Read below!

Yoda: The Smart and Wise

Photo from Star Wars Facebook

If you’ve seen any of the Star Wars movies, you would have for sure noticed a green creature with big ears who gives inspiring words of wisdom to others. That smart and wise character is Yoda, a legendary Jedi master who has a strong connection with the Force.

Yoda is the epitome of the phrase “small but terrible” because he is indeed smaller than most of the people around him, but is one of the wisest and most powerful creatures in their world.

Rey Skywalker: The Hardworking and Independent

Photo from Star Wars Facebook

Rey was introduced in the 2015 Star Wars sequel and Episode VII of the franchise, The Force Awakens. She is a young girl who was abandoned at an early age and had to fend for herself by becoming a hardworking scavenger. Despite her unusual upbringing, she became a vital part of an urgent mission for the Resistance.

Rey also discovered that she has a great connection with the Force, and was responsible for trying to bring Kylo Ren back into the light. (Read: Star Wars-themed clinic in Manila gives hope and comfort to young cancer patients)

Han Solo: The Brave and Loving

Photo from Star Wars Facebook

Han Solo is proof that you can overcome any challenge thrown your way. He grew up impoverished but eventually became one of the iconic heroes of the Rebel Alliance.

Han also became a pilot, and together with his co-pilot Chewbacca, fought for galactic freedom for their entire lives. He also tried to fix his relationship with his estranged son, Ben, before his unfortunate death in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Princess Leia Organa: The Great Leader

Photo from Star Wars Facebook

Princess Leia is the founder of the Rebel Alliance who is dedicated to bringing down the Empire and ending its tyranny. She is a fearless warrior on the battlefield and is one of the most dedicated and greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance, and one of the greatest heroes in the galaxy. (Read: Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You in Your Barkada?)

Despite the losses she’s faced in her life, Princess Leia never let it set her back and used it as her motivation to continue fighting for freedom.

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