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3 Floral Cupcake Stores for Your Mother’s Day Needs

Here's a delicious way to celebrate Mother's Day this year!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching— we only have six days to plan a special surprise for mom on May 9. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we would’ve already reserved a table at our family’s favorite restaurant, or booked a staycation at a hotel for some much-needed rest and relaxation with the family.

But because there is, in fact, a pandemic, and we’re all stuck at home due to quarantine protocols, planning Mother’s Day this year is a bit more difficult. Some flower shops and floral arrangers have now stopped accepting orders for Sunday because many have the same idea of giving their moms bouquets. (Read: READ: Young Adults Recall Funny Moments They Were Scolded in the Kitchen)

So what can you do to substitute flowers and dining out with the family? Combine both by ordering a batch of floral cupcakes for the special women in your life! You’re hitting two birds with one stone: you have flowers for mom, and you have something to eat for dessert!

Here are some shops that are just amazing at making floral cupcakes.

Floral Cupcakes Online: Bloom By Ever

Photo from Bloom by Ever Instagram

Bloom by Ever is a shop owned and managed by 22-year-old Ever who has a knack for all things pastry and baking. She creates these delicate floral cupcakes and creatively designed customized cakes that will definitely have your family swooning over its beauty.

What’s amazing about Bloom by Ever is their dozen of beautiful floral cupcakes cost less than P1,000! Place your orders now via their Instagram.

Floral Cupcakes Online: When Rust Bakes Cafe

Photo from When Rust Bakes Cafe Instagram

Want to take it up a notch? When Rust Bakes Cafe can do that for you! Aside from beautifully decorated floral cupcakes, they also have gorgeous floral cakes that can pass as bouquets. You can even customize the flowers and make them your mom’s favorite flowers, whatever it may be, and they’ll do it for you.

Order now via Instagram.

Floral Cupcakes Online: Alive and Cakin’

Photo from Alive and Cakin’ Instagram

Looking for brightly decorated floral cupcakes? We have the perfect shop for you! Alive and Cakin’ offers cupcakes decorated with baby pink roses, bright blue carnations, and every other flower you can think of. (Read: Shopping Guide: Must-Haves for New Moms)

Oh, did we mention that you can put these beautiful, edible flowers on top of a cake if you want to gift your mom something bigger? Place your orders now via Instagram!

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