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Hey, Coffee Lover! Have You Heard of Heating Coasters Yet?

They're a definite must-have for your daily cup of coffee!

For many, especially those who are working, coffee is the go-to drink every single day. Even during the quarantine, a cup of coffee is what keeps us alert through the countless meetings and awake through all the deadlines and errands of the day.

But one thing that can be a problem when it comes to drinking coffee is that it can get cold really fast. And honestly, no one likes lukewarm, room temperature coffee. (Read: Three DIY coffee drinks you can make aside from Dalgona)

Good thing, there are now insulated bottles and mugs that can be used to keep our coffee warm for around 12 hours or more. But if you don’t like drinking out of heavy metal bottles and prefer enjoying your morning caffeine fix in your favorite mug, then maybe a heating coaster is for you.

Yes, you read that right— there are now coasters that are solely for keeping beverages warm while you do your chores, finish work, and attend meetings!

Heating Coasters

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There are actually two different heating coasters available online— both of which do the job of heating drinks. The only difference is that one is USB-powered, while the other can be plugged straight into your wall socket. (Read: 3 Delicious Non-Coffee Drinks to Keep You Alert at Work)

Retailing for P579.50, the Uareliffe mini heating coaster comes with three different heating settings: low, medium, and high, which will help you make your coffee your desired temperature.

It also has a touch sensor, and comes in cute pastel colors which makes it 100% Instagrammable! According to the product description, you can even heat most feeding bottles and cups using the coaster.

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On the other hand, the Urallife coaster which sells for P664 is the smaller, more portable option. It can fit into your purse if ever you want to bring it to work and can keep your drink warm for up to eight hours. How cool is that?

It also has different pastel colors available with three different temperature settings. Plus, it can heat almost all types of flat bottomed cups, mugs, and bottles (make sure to check if your drinking cup is safe for heating, though!).

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