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Jessy, Krystal, KC Reveal What’s in Their ‘Pandemic-Ready’ Bags

These celebrities are girl scouts when it comes to new normal essentials!

Our way of living has definitely changed because of the pandemic. We’ve learned to cook at home to avoid going out, and cleaning kits have become our everyday essentials to keep ourselves and our loved ones free from viruses.

Even our favorite celebrities are turning their bags into ‘pandemic-friendly’ kits, and they’re sharing their must-have items for going out! (Read: 5 New Normal Essentials You Need to Have, Stat!)

If you want to know what some celebrities put in their bags nowadays, read on!

Jessy Mendiola: Hair Sanitizer

Photos from Jessy Mendiola YouTube and (background) Freepik

We’ve all been using hand sanitizers and alcohol for as long as we can remember, but even more so now that we’re praning in a way because of the virus. Jessy Mendiola admits to being sort of praning after going out to do errands, and she doesn’t just use hand sanitizers— she also uses a hair sanitizer!

The hair sanitizer is similar to hairspray in that it is sprayed on the hair, but instead of keeping your roots in place, it cleans it and rids it of the germs and viruses.

Krystal Reyes: Face Mask Holder

Photos from Krystal Reyes YouTube and (background) Freepik

In her “What’s In My Bag” video, Krystal Reyes pulled out so many spare masks from her bag. How does she keep it organized? By using a face mask holder she got online! (Read: Italy Kicks off ‘Leaders for Peace’ Campaign, Eyes Post-Pandemic World)

Krystal says the face mask holder she currently has can hold up to six spare face masks, which she could bring in her bag and pull out when she needs to replace the mask she’s wearing.

KC Concepcion: Alcohol Sprays

Photos from Kristina KC Concepcion YouTube and (background) Freepik

KC Concepcion admits to having a messy bag— she puts a lot of stuff in it, especially now during the pandemic where she has a face shield, masks, and other essentials in the bag. And what’s interesting is that inside her bag, KC has a handful of alcohol bottles and sprays. Her sanitizers come in all shapes and sizes so she could be prepared in case one bottle runs out!

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