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3 Facts About the Pinoy-Made Game, ‘Lawmage Academy’

It will be released on Steam next year!

It’s not a secret that Filipinos are talented at many things. We have internationally renowned singers, multi-awarded dancers, and esteemed visual artists. And now, Filipinos are also waiving our flag in game development.

Just this month, the Filipino-made game “Lawmage Academy” got a huge update on its demo version— and everyone is excited to try it! The role-playing game (RPG) allows gamers to play as students at a magical school, where they will be trained to become a protector of the fantastical world, Magusgaia. (Read: 3 Simulation Games to Hopefully Ease Your Cabin Fever)

But more than practicing magic spells, concocting potions, and attending virtual classes, what else is there to know about Lawmage Academy? Here are three fun facts!

#1: Lawmage Academy Was Created by a Lawyer

Photos from (Atty. Gian Miko Arabejo) Eduard Intang Abelardo Facebook and Lawmage Academy Facebook

The game was developed by Gian Miko Arabejo, a human rights lawyer and game developer, who goes by the name ‘Verinius.’ (Read: This doctor just achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer!)

Arabejo is a 2018 Bar Passer who was inspired by his experiences in law school and his work to create the story of Lawmage Academy. He is currently the Project Coordinator at Alternative Law Groups, Inc., a coalition of various legal resource non-government organizations (NGO) that have programs for developmental legal assistance.

#2: Lawmage Academy Offers Four Houses for Its Players

Foxhelm, Drakewood, Soulstice, and Vissage. The four Houses of Lawmage Academy are waiting for you, candidates. (Photo from Lawmage Academy Facebook)

Much like the timeless book and movie Harry Potter, Lawmage Academy also has different Houses where students will be assigned upon their enrollment. These Houses are headed by Lawmages, called Mentors, who return to the school to “guide the new batch of candidates.”

Each Mentor will give you missions, advice, and evaluate your performance which will all entail prizes in the form of special items and recipes which they can use in the game. (Read: These Video Games With Pinoy Heroes Could Be Your Next Favorite)

#3: Lawmage Academy Will Be Released in 2022

Photo from Lawmage Academy Facebook

The game is still under works, and won’t be officially released in its entirety until next year. According to the developer, the target date is yet to be announced, but it is planned for 2022.

Lawmage Academy will be released on Steam, where anyone can download it on their own computers and gaming devices. You can check out their page and save it to your wish list as early as now.

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