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3 Food Items You Can Donate to Your Local Community Pantry

Join local initiatives with these ideal food donations!

Over the weekend, a community initiative had been spreading like a ‘good virus’ around the country. The community pantry in Maginhawa Street was an initiative by Patricia Non, a resident of Quezon City, where those who can’t afford daily meals can get food items such as canned goods, rice, and fresh produce for free.

It’s only been five days since the initiative began, but it has already gone viral on social media and inspired others from different parts of the country to hold the same initiative in their towns and barangays. Farmers and fisherfolk even joined in and donated their own produce to these areas!

Netizens were also inspired by the initiative that they, too, decided to donate goods to nearby community pantries. So, if you are wanting to donate as well but don’t know what to give, My Pope Philippines lists some ideal food donations for these community pantries. (Read: The Best Food Items to Donate for Disaster Victims)

Items for Community Pantry: Canned Goods

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Just like in relief operations, canned goods are an ideal food donation for community pantries. That’s because canned goods like sardines and sausages require little to no preparation and cooking, plus it has a longer shelf life. You can also add different vegetables to it if you want to add nutrient content to it. (Read: Quick and Healthy Recipes Made With Canned Goods)

Items for Community Pantry: Rice (Bigas)

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Filipinos love their rice— that’s a fact. And sometimes, those who can’t afford ulam will resort to just rice and seasoning like salt or soy sauce just to fill their stomachs. This is why rice or bigas is considered a necessity for families in the country, and that’s why it’s ideal to donate it for the community pantry.  Five kilos of rice can feed an entire family for one to two days already.

Pro Tip: When donating rice, you can go ahead and repack it already before bringing it to the community pantry for easier distribution.

Items for Community Pantry: Fresh Produce

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Fresh produce like kangkong, carrots, and potatoes are good options for donations because it doesn’t need any complicated preparations to cook. In fact, just boiling it and adding flavor (salt, soy sauce, etc.) can suffice for a meal. Plus, it contains an undeniably higher vitamin content than canned or pre-packed goods! (Read: Aww, Baby Dahlia Amelie Eats the Most Delicious, Healthy Food!)

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