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What does Christmas taste like in different countries?

For Filipinos, Christmas won’t be complete without the homey flavors of bibingka and puto bumbong. Just the thought of these salty-sweet treats already evokes the warm and fuzzy feelings that the holidays bring. But every culture has its own tradition of special meals and heirloom pieces. Here’s what will be baking in ovens all over the world—just in time for the holidays. (Also Read: This Pinay Chef Backpacks All Over the World to Share Filipino Cuisine)

Greece: Christopsomo

Photo from Culinary Backstreets

Known as Christ’s bread, this Grecian pastry is baked on December 23. It is not only full of figs, anise, orange, and nuts but symbolism, too! The image of a cross is always present, along with signs of fertility. Try making your own Greek Christmas bread with this recipe!

Germany: Stollen

Photo from King Arthur Baking Company

German Stollen is a fruit bread filled with fragrant spices and a hint of rum. Baked with nuts and dried fruit, the delicious bread is often sprinkled with icing sugar. Have a German-inspired noche buena with this recipe from King Arthur Flour! (Also Read: How do OFWs celebrate Christmas?)

Spain & Mexico: Rosca de Reyes

Photo from Abuelita Three Kings Bread

You will recognize this cake because of its ring shape. Known as the King’s Ring, the Rosca de Reyes is a sweet bread from Spain and Mexico served during the Feast of the Three Kings. It is filled with candied fruit and usually has surprise treats baked into it. Try your hand at making this Christmas staple with this recipe!

Philippines: Puto Bumbong and Bibingka

Photo from sukitoSPOON Blog

Usually sold at makeshift stalls after Simbang Gabi, these two types of kakanin are so popular that diners crave them any time of the day. Luckily, they are also served in cafes for merienda. These are best paired with fresh ginger tea with honey or salabat. (Also Read: Make Bibingka Muffins, Puto Bumbong Balls, atbp.— Holiday Classics with a Twist!)

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