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3 ‘Weird’ Food Combinations You Should Try at Least Once

Try these out and see how good they really taste!

If you’ve ever watched a western kids movie, you would have heard at least once that they eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It might sound weird to us who don’t come across this recipe that often, but it’s actually delicious for many, especially kids!

The combination of nutty peanut butter and sweet, sticky jelly is just perfect, even if it isn’t the most common sandwich filling out there. But did you know that peanut butter and jelly aren’t the only two food items that go well together despite it being ‘weird’ to many? (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

In celebration of Peanut Butter and Jelly day today, My Pope Philippines lists other “weird” pairings and food combinations that work well and are just delicious!

Weird Food Combinations: Ice Cream and Fries

Photos from Daria Shevtsova from Pexels and (Shoestring fries) Lord of the Fries

Ice cream and fries are two well-loved items in fast-food menus. Kids (and adults) love to have them especially during merienda, when they would look for light snacks to eat before dinner. But did you know that vanilla ice cream and plain fries really go well together?

The saltiness of the fries and the sweetness of ice cream works so well that many have grown to like ordering it together at fast foods. Try it out next time!

Weird Food Combinations: Chocolate and Avocado

Photos from BBC Good Food and iStockphoto/Everyday Health

We’ve all heard of chocolate-covered strawberries or banana, but has it ever crossed your mind to try eating avocado with chocolate? (Read: 4 Avocado Recipes for a Full-Course Meal)

Surprisingly, it tastes really good! Chocolate levels up the already delicious and healthy avocado, so you can eat chocolate with less guilt. Plus, this can be a great trick to feed your kids or younger siblings healthier food!

Weird Food Combinations: Burger and Honey

Photo from (Honey burger) Facefood Pizza and SelectHealth

Let’s admit it, burger is one of our guiltiest pleasures. We all know that all that oil and meat isn’t good for our health in the long run, but sometimes, we just can’t help but order one when we get the chance.

But in the years you’ve eaten a burger, have you ever thought of putting honey on it? Well, we’re here to tell you that it works well as the sweet honey balances out the greasy, salty burger! Try it the next time you order a burger.

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