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5 Easy Ways for Moms to Recharge and Relax

Are you a tired mom looking for a quick break? We've got you covered!

As we know, motherhood is a 24-hour job with no pay and no day off. And while it is a work that is oftentimes taken for granted by others, resignation from it is impossible.

But mommies, don’t fret! My Pope Philippines is here to give you simple things you can do today to get a mini-vacation and enjoy a little respite from all the stress. We give you five practical and affordable ideas so you can recharge and relax— and be energized for the upcoming days ahead!

How Moms Can Recharge: Binge on your favorite TV show

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For a few minutes each day, find some quiet time (maybe when the baby is asleep) to curl up next to your laptop or TV with a warm mug of coffee or tea and watch the next episode of your favorite TV series or K-Drama. Pro tip: Netflix is a great resource to feed your binge-watching needs!

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How Moms Can Recharge: Take it out on virtual bad guys

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If you’re into gaming, you can download your favorite gaming app or discover a new one that can gift you with even just a few minutes of precious Me Time. Just be careful not to get addicted! Do it in the spirit of fun and relaxation.

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How Moms Can Recharge: Take up a free online course

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Coursera and Udemy are just two of the many spaces that offer good online courses for free, or for a very small fee. You can take the lessons in the comfort of your home and at a time that’s convenient for you. 

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How Moms Can Recharge: Schedule regular meditation sessions

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Even just 5 minutes in the morning can spell a big difference. If you have more time, do it in the middle of the day and before you retire at night. Whenever you can sneak in a 5-minute break, sit down and close your eyes, focus on your breathing and relax. Meditation may also take the form of prayer: saying the rosary, reciting a novena, reading from a holy book, giving thanks for the day’s blessings. 

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How Moms Can Recharge: Cherish the good with the bad

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Every mother knows in her heart that despite the complexities of running a household and raising a family—motherhood is indeed the most difficult job in the world—the rewards are so worth it. Remembering this thought also means that you learn to cherish the good with the bad. The kids will only be young once, so inasmuch as it is really difficult most times, these challenging moments are a gift in themselves, too. 


Text by Aimee Morales.

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