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What we can learn from Filipina superhero Wave’s trending face-off with Chinese superhero, Aero

Marvel’s first-ever Filipina superhero, Wave, debuts today, May 8, in the comic book War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1––and previews of the issue show how a misunderstanding between Wave and another Asian superhero results to a tragic ending.

Since last week, the Twitterverse has been erupting in excitement after filmmaker and comic book writer Greg Pak tweeted a teaser of Marvel’s up and coming issue that features Wave.

In the post, Cebu-based superhero Wave (whose human name is Pearl Pangan) is seen responding to a tremor in her jurisdiction, the water. In the process, she encounters Chinese superhero, Aero, who in turn thinks that the disturbance is coming from her territory, the wind.

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“Wave! Your territory’s the Philippine sea. What are you doing here?” Aero tells Wave.

Both confused, the two superheroes face off as they argue about whose jurisdiction the disturbance is coming from. “That disturbance (is) in the wind,” says Aero. “No. It’s in the water,” says Wave.

It is later on revealed that Wave was right about the disturbance coming from the waters. However, she was wrong in her assumption that Aero is the enemy.

As it turns out, the real villain is a yet-to-be-named character who starts an explosion from the waters and incapacitates the two superheroes. “Ha! Divide and conquer,” the villain declares––indicating how the argument between Wave and Aero led to both superheroes’ defeat.

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Key Takeaway

At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves caught in a misunderstanding––much like what happened between Wave and Aero. When this happens, always remember that in resolving issues, nothing beats proper communication!

As our dear Lolo Kiko once said, “Communication can build bridges, enable encounter and inclusion, and enrich society.  How beautiful when people choose their words and actions with care, avoid misunderstandings, heal wounded memories, and build peace and harmony.”

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Curious how the rest of the story unfolds? War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 is now available on bookstores nationwide!



Text by Aizel Dolom.

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