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WATCH: Disney and Pixar Has Just Released the Trailer for ‘Luca!’

Kids and adults will definitely love this one-of-a-kind Italian adventure.

If there is one kind of movie that both kids and adults love, it would most likely be animated ones. Animated films are entertaining not just for the kids but for the grown-ups as well, mainly because these movies have moral lessons in them that touch people of all ages.

Now, fans of animated movies have something new to look forward to, as Disney and Pixar join hands for a new film! On June 18, Luca will be released on Disney+, and everyone is excited to see it! (Read: Disney+ to Release Baymax, Moana, Zootopia Animated TV Series)

Why, you ask? For a couple of reasons, actually— and it is all evident in their official trailer that was released last week! Read on.

#1: Luca Showcases the Beautiful, Scenic Italy

Photo from MickeyBlog.com

Luca is set in a beautiful seaside town in the Italian Riviera, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. The film features the signature brick streets, iconic red Vespas, and the grand canals that everyone loves. The colorful buildings also make the entire film so vibrant, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the screen!

And who could forget the gelato, a staple Italian dessert? Italians who have watched the trailer even said that the portrayal of their towns is accurate! (Read: What Is the Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream?)

#2: Luca Highlights the Value of Friendship

Photo from Screen Rant

Of course, there is no animated movie that doesn’t teach kids, and even adults, a lesson or two. Just think of Pixar’s Coco, which teaches us the importance of family, or Brave which emphasizes that women don’t need men to be successful. (LIST: Strong Women Who Inspire Young Girls Around the World)

For Luca, Disney and Pixar are highlighting the importance of friendship! Without giving too much away, we’re looking forward to Luca and Alberto’s adventures— which tests their friendship at some point— and how they pull through any obstacle together.

#3: The Animation Movie Was Produced Amid COVID Protocols

Fun fact: the entire film was made and dubbed from home! Due to COVID-19, the animators, producers, and even the actors had to do everything at home, following quarantines and lockdowns. (Read: How Are Safety Protocols Observed in Production Shoots?)

“When we first started, we thought, can we even do this? Can we work from our computers? Can we animate? Can we record the actors? All of these questions. It was an amazing, sometimes bizarre experience,” said director Enrico Casarosa.

Now we can’t wait to see the fruit of their hard work!

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