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Want A Feel-good IG Feed? Follow These 5 Local Artists On Instagram Right Now

Do yourself a favor and make Instagramming more fun and relaxing.

Since the pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home, people have had a renewed appreciation for the arts. Local artists have begun peddling their wares– so to speak–on social media.

But long before the pandemic, artists have been using the internet and social media to showcase their work and expand their professional network. With sites such as DevianArt and Behance, the possibilities are endless! Especially with Instagram, which artists use as an interactive online portfolio of sorts because through the social networking platform, they can reach a wider audience. (Read: 4 Stunning Pieces to Catch at ‘Art Fair Philippines 2021’)

And if you’re like many, social media is probably the first and last thing you check every day, mindlessly scrolling and tapping those hearts for likes. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and make Instagramming more fun and relaxing? Follow these five digital artists for a more colorful and vibrant feed because hey, if you’re going to get sucked in the Instagram blackhole, might as well in a hole that’s full of color, fun, and inspiration, right?

Local Artist: Rian Gonzales (@rianbowart)

Photos from Rian Gonzales Instagram

If you have attended Comicon before, then you know Rian Gonzales because she’s been part of the relaunch of the popular comic series, Archie. She illustrated the cover art for the revamp of Betty and Veronica which was well-received here and abroad. Her Instagram page is pleasing to the eye because of the colorful illustrations.

Local Artist: John Ed De Vera (@battery_full)

Photo from John Ed De Vera Instagram

If you’re a fan of paper art, then you will not be sorry if you get sucked in the intricacy of John Ed De Vera‘s works. His paper-cutting technique goes beyond the norm as he likes experimenting with new media. His works range from whimsical to pop, depending on the subject but all of them are equally superb!

Local Artist: JP Pining (@jppining)

Photos from JP Pining Instagram

JP Pining has made a name in the local mural art scene but his Instagram page will surely make you appreciate his art even more. His style is a fusion of classic and modern, with colors and line art that has become his signature. His art is so versatile that it will belong on a canvas, on a wall as a mural, or as a laptop sticker. You decide. (Read: LOOK: Vatican features Rome street art in limited-edition Easter 2020 stamp)

Local Artist: Iyan de Jesus (iyandejesus)

Photos from Iyan de Jesus Instagram

Iyan de Jesus is a self-taught artist. Her use of pastels in a post-apocalyptic art setting will really make your eyes go big with amazement. The details of her art define an obsession with geometric compositions and patterns.

Local Artist: Kookoo Ramos (@kookoo.ramos)

Photos from Kookoo Ramos Instagram

Kookoo Ramos is a veteran street artist that mixes girl power and graffiti. If you’ve seen close-up, cartoonish females in the corners and walls of various establishments in Manila and some provinces, chances are you’ve come across one of Kookoo’s art. (Read: Meet the Davaoeña Artist Who Celebrates Women Through Painting)


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