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Celebrate ‘New Beginnings’ With Vogue Singapore’s NFT Mystery Boxes!

Sunrises from 10 cities around the world will be featured in these NFT artworks.

This coming September, all 28 editions of Vogue from all over the world will be celebrating ‘”New Beginnings”. Serving as a global theme, “New Beginnings” will be interpreted differently by each of the 28 Vogue editions and will unite with the leitmotif of sunrise. The sunrise indicates “a hopeful outlook towards a new dawn.”

And for Vogue Singapore, new beginnings can mean exploring the emerging platforms in the digital age, including “intersection of fashion and technology and, in particular, the rise of the metaverse as a new marketplace for designers and creators.” (Read: These Fashion Idols Are Saving Earth—One ‘Ukay’ Find at a Time!)

To make this vision come to life, Vogue is partnering with Brytehall–a premium NFT (non-fungible token) platform that will be launching on September 1–and NFKings Productions, a Binance-invested creatives and production agency, for a collection of Mystery Boxes.

Mystery Boxes

Vogue Singapore Mystery Boxes will be available for purchase on Binance from 20 August. (Photo from Vogue Singapore)

Designed and conceptualized by Vogue Singapore and Robot Playground Media, the Mystery Boxes will be catering to NFT collectors and the crypto-community. 10 NFT artworks featuring different sunrises across 10 cities in the world will be available for purchase on Binance NFT, “the official NFT marketplace on the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.”

The 10 cities included in the Mystery Box are Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo. And as a playful addition, a “Vogue astronaut” will be in each city, exploring the beautiful scenery.

“We are excited to launch the first series of Vogue Singapore Mystery Boxes on Binance. This is a step towards a long-term strategy to bridge the crypto and gaming communities with digital investors, curious tech-savvy consumers and luxury brands,” says Michael von Schlippe, President of Media Publishares, Vogue Singapore’s publisher.

“The Mystery Boxes will serve as a continuous process to engage the crypto community and allow them to interact with Vogue in a new format,” he added. (Read: Investment 101: The Most Basic Terms You Need to Know)

Limited edition bonus

Follow @VogueSingapore, retweet with your guess by 19/8 and if you get all 10 cities correct, you could score an annual digital subscription to Vogue. (Photo from Vogue Singapore Twitter)

And if you purchase all 10 NFT artworks, you will be redirected to a Binance Smart Chain-powered decentralized marketplace RARA through a “secret link”. This will lead you to a page where you can purchase an 11th city artwork featuring Singapore’s sunrise!

The Singapore sunrise will allow a collector to complete the entire Vogue Singapore Mystery Box.

Those who complete the collection of Mystery Boxes will also get a chance to win two physical luxury timepieces. And those who get three “super, super rare” city cards can enter a draw to win one of three staycations worth US$409 at HoteLux. Winners to both will be announced through Brytehall.

The Vogue Singapore Mystery Boxes will be available on Binance starting on August 20, 7PM Singapore time, and will be available until stocks last.

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