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3 Fun Virtual Activities To Do With Friends And Family

Cure boredom and isolation with these virtual games and activities!

The pandemic has been going on for more than a year already, which means we’ve been in quarantine for the same period of time. And because our movements have been limited for months, we have now resorted to virtual activities with our family and friends who live in faraway places.

The isolation has been a challenge, especially for us Filipinos who are naturally part of tight-knit groups. And these activities have been our saving grace– we stay connected with loved ones, work and schoolmates amid the never-ending quarantine through various apps. (Read: 3 Must-Have Tools Before Starting Your Own Podcast)

There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, and also video meeting apps like Zoom and Google Meet. But of course, with these platforms, you can only mostly talk and message each other.

A more enjoyable virtual bonding

But now, with the technology we have in our hands, there are plenty of new ways to not just meet with friends and family, but to be able to bond and have fun with them– and we’re not just talking about exchanging memes and jokes! So, in case you want a change of ‘scenery’, here are some of the activities we’re talking about.

Virtual Activity: Fall Guys

Photo from PlayStation LifeStyle

Fall Guys is a colorful battle royale game that features adorable characters that try to outrun each other to win the crown. If you know the US TV game show ‘Wipeout’ and enjoy watching people jump over and run in obstacles, you’ll definitely find Fall Guys fun! You can invite friends and family to play with you as individual players, or as a team.

You can even hug them virtually by ‘grabbing’ their character in-game.

Virtual Activity: Breakout Philippines

Photo from SHOOR Philippines

Escape rooms give you a good rush of adrenaline while at the same time make you think logically to solve puzzles and try to survive. But of course, with the quarantine protocols, physical escape rooms can’t operate–but it doesn’t mean virtual escape rooms can’t either! Breakout Philippines partnered with Shoor to recreate their escape rooms in a virtual platform.

You can check it out here.

Virtual Activity: Quizarium

Photo from AppAdvice

Do you miss trivia nights with your friends? Then you should definitely install Telegram and start playing Quizarium! It is a bot on the messaging app, which you can activate to play with as many friends as you’d like. It gets trivia questions from different categories such as art, pop culture, music, and many more!

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