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Exclusive: Fr. Eldrick Peña Shares His Vocation Story

For 14 years, Fr. Eldrick built his career as a teacher — until he finally decided to heed God's call and enter the seminary.

Fr. Eldrick S. Peña of the Diocese of Antipolo was 35 years old when God called him to the priesthood. He reveals that he already felt his ‘calling’ at an early age, but tried to dismiss it, thinking it would just go away. (WATCH: Fr. Ric Eguia Shares His Journey to Priesthood)

Raised in a devout Catholic family, Fr. Eldrick was the fourth among five children, and had a mother who was a public-school teacher and a father who was a police officer. He studied in Catholic institutions from preschool to graduate school, and excelled greatly in religious organizations and courses throughout his studying years.

This devotion to Catholicism was the reason why many were surprised after Eldrick decided to take the non-religious route after college. He pursued a teaching career at De La Salle Lipa, and lived for 14 years building his career in his chosen field.

That was until Eldrick finally decided to let go of it all and enter the seminary in the year 2012. Read more about Fr. Eldrick Peña’s story here.

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