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Vegan Recipes to Try This World Vegan Month

Consider these healthy alternatives this month!

Established in 1994, World Vegan Month is commemorated around the world every November to shine a light on the vegan movement.

What’s Considered Vegan?

A vegan diet contains only plants and food made from plants. Vegans avoid animal products and byproducts for ethical, health, or environmental reasons. They do not eat food that comes from animals, including dairy products and eggs. 

Celebrate this World Vegan Month with a bang whether you are vegan or just curious to try out vegan recipes with these My Pope-approved dishes! (Read: 6 Vegan Grocery Stores for Plant-based Diet)

Something Sweet: Vegan Chocolate

Photo from Minimalist Baker

If you are craving something sweet and delicious but want it to be dairy-free, this vegan chocolate is definitely for you!

Check out the recipe here.

Something for Dinner: Vegan Adobo

Photo from The Works of Life

When it comes to adobo, many usually use chicken, pork, beef, or squid as the dish’s main ingredient, but did you know that there’s also a vegan spin on the classic Filipino dish that you can still try? Yes, using seitan! (Read: New Vegan-Friendly Food Items From 7-Eleven And Starbucks You Should Try)

Follow the procedure here.

For the Whole Family: Pancit Bihon

Photo from Healthier Steps

If you are cooking for the whole family or for a large gathering, you may want to serve this vegan pancit bihon! 

Traditionally made with rice noodles, meat, and vegetables, pancit bihon is one of those dishes that takes minutes to prepare but the taste will have everyone thinking you have been working at it for hours.

Without the meat, vegan pancit bihon used tofu as a substitute.

See the recipe here.

Vegan Snack: Vegetable Chips

Photo from Wholefully

Munch on something crunchy while binging on a Christmas film or a K-drama series with your family or friends.

Yes, vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, squash, zucchini, and potatoes can also turn into crispy chips!

Check the recipe here.

Date Night: Vegan Lasagna

Photo from A Couple Cooks

There’s a vegan dish for everyone, including one that you can share with your other half. 

Introducing vegan lasagna. This meat-free and dairy-free pasta will be a sure winner for the two of you.

See the procedure here.       

For the Kids: Vegan Nuggets

Photo from My Fussy Eater

Looking for kid-friendly plant-based recipes? No worries, we got you covered.

If your kids are craving the flavors of chicken but you’d rather skip the animal products, then try this recipe that kids and adults alike will surely love. (Read: 8 Vegan Recipes for Your Meatless Diet)

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