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Vatican Launches Streaming Site for Christian Films, Documentaries

The "Netflix of the Vatican" will be rolled out to eight countries—including the Philippines!

If there is one word to describe this generation, it would be “digital.” Everything is accessible with just a click, a tap, a swipe. Even Pope Francis believes that the Church must adapt to the changes brought about by technology. In fact, he said that the use of digital platforms requires a willingness to accept that “the attachment to the past may prove to be a dangerous temptation.”

“Authentic servants of tradition are those who, while keeping memory alive, know how to discern the signs of the times and open new paths,” Pope Francis said. (READ: Tradition meets technology in new ‘smart Rosary’)

Netflix of the Vatican

VatiVision is born, the Catholic on demand platform. (Photo from Avvenire)

In adapting to the social and digital age, the Vatican, together with cloud computing company Vetrya, has launched VatiVision—an on-demand service that will broadcast films, series, and documentaries with Christian messages.

VatiVision President Luca Tomassini says the streaming service will be rolled out to eight countries—including the Philippines—and targets 1.3 billion Catholics around the world. The new service aims to promote Christian values through films. (READ: Three must-see documentaries that feature the story of Pope Francis)

According to Paolo Ruffini, head of the Vatican communications department, VatiVision is a response to the need for culture, beauty, and the possibility of sharing and offering a quality cultural product. He also said that the streaming site will help people rediscover faith and beauty.

“Here we have the beauty of being able to connect the past, the present, and the future, and to offer a response to the questions that in some sense we all have,” Ruffini said in a press conference.

Culture and Faith

Photo from RomaSette

VatiVision is owned by Vetrya and the Officina della Communicazione, which produces religious and cultural content for the Vatican.

It will be the world’s “first multidevice platform is born dedicated to the dissemination of cultural, artistic, and religious content inspired by the Christian message,” as written on VatiVision’s website. Its slogan is “Culture, art and faith, everywhere with you.”

VatiVision is available in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil, Spain, Poland, and Philippines.

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