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Vatican City To Require ‘Green Pass’ From Citizens And Visitors Starting October 1

It was issued after Pope Francis's request to "adopt every suitable measure to prevent, control and counteract the health emergency."

The Vatican City, the smallest sovereign state in the world, has announced that it will be requiring a “Green Pass” for all its tourists and returning citizens starting October 1.

The stricter measure is because of the ongoing global threat of COVID-19. The Vatican is just one of the many countries all over the world to have closed their borders to non-citizens in order to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus in their country.

There are also several countries that have implemented new measures in airports and sea ports, and required more documents including health certificates and vaccination cards from travellers, to ensure that only healthy and COVID-19 free individuals enter their country.  (Read: Prayer for People at High Risk for COVID)

Confirmation of vaccination

Tourists have their Green Pass checked by keepers at the entrance of the Vatican Museums, Aug. 6, 2021. (Photo from AP)

According to the Holy See, the Green Pass may be a Vatican Green Pass, a European Green Pass, or a foreign COVID-19 Green Pass. Any of these mentioned documents will be able to attest to one’s COVID-19 vaccination status, which is now required in many countries. The Vatican will also accept travellers who are able to present negative molecular or antigen tests.

This new measure is a decree from the office of the President of the Pontifical Commission of Vatican City State on the subject of Public Health emergencies. It was issued after Pope Francis’s September 7 request to “adopt every suitable measure to prevent, control and counteract the health emergency.” (Read: Catholic Monasteries And Convents Experiencing COVID-19 Outbreaks)

The decree notes that its provisions apply to “citizens, residents of the State, personnel serving in any capacity in the Governorate of Vatican City State, in the various bodies of the Roman Curia and related institutions, and to all visitors and users of services.”

The only individuals who are exempted from this are those who are participating in liturgical celebrations. However, they will only be allowed in the Vatican “for the time strictly necessary for the celebration.” Minimum health protocols will also be observed, such as wearing of personal protective equipment, maintaining social distancing, limitation of movement, and proper hygiene and sanitation protocols.

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