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Vatican Asks Instagram to Investigate ‘Mysterious Like’ by Pope’s Account

"We can rule out that the 'like' comes from the Holy See."

No one in the Holy See “liked” a racy photograph while logged in to Pope Francis’ Instagram account, the Vatican said. For this reason, they requested that Instagram open an investigation into how or why such a “like” appears to have happened.

“We can rule out that the ‘like’ comes from the Holy See, [which is why we have] turned to Instagram for explanations,” the Holy See Press Office said. (LOOK: This mom prays the rosary on Instagram every day)

On November 13, Pope Francis’ verified, official Instagram account has been reported to have liked a racy photo of model and streamer Natalia Garibotto. In the picture, Garibotto is wearing a lingerie outfit that resembles a school uniform. Her mostly-uncovered posterior is visible in the picture.

The controversial “like” on the photo has since been removed, but the Holy See’s Press Office is yet to make a comment on what could have happened.

Pope Francis looks at the screen of a tablet computer to launch a tweet during his meeting at the Vatican with members of the Scholas Occurrentes Argentina. (Photo from AP Photo / Vatican Media / Business Insider)

Unclear Updates

While it is a known fact that Pope Francis does not run his own Twitter and Instagram accounts, the Vatican is yet to identify the person responsible for the controversial “like.” (Read: 5 Social Media Personalities You Should Be Following)

It comes as it is still unclear which device was used to update the Pope’s Instagram, and the social media managers would also use the same devices to update their personal social media accounts.

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