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3 Valentine’s Date Ideas Straight Out of the Movies

Here are last-minute date ideas you can do at home on February 14!

Valentine’s Day is coming and surely, most of us have already planned our dates with our loved ones. It might be a lazy day sitting on the couch watching your favorite movies, or a food trip where you eat all the food you craved recently. Whatever the plan is, it’s surely something that’s straight from the heart, and is special to you and your loved ones.

But for those who still have no idea what to do for their family, friends, or special someone on February 14, why not do something that’s straight out of a romantic comedy (romcom) movie? Something cheesy that will make you and your loved ones feel like you’re the stars of a well-loved film, and make them post pictures online with the caption, “Straight out of a movie,” literally! (Read: The Women Whom Our Popes Loved Before They Became Priests)

Here are some some movie scenes that you can take inspiration from in order to make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable despite the quarantine!

Valentine’s Date Ideas: Picnic in the Garden

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If you live in a house with a big enough garden to hang out in, it’s time to bring out the picnic basket and blanket, and prepare a meal that will give your significant other the butterflies! Take it from Amy and Laurie from Little Women, who sat in the garden and attempted to draw one another. They took turns sketching each other and ended up having a wonderful time. (Read: ‘To All the Boys’ Stars Lana Condor, Ross Butler Reveal They Love Lumpia!)

For your version, you can do something completely different, that you’re sure your loved ones will enjoy. Say maybe a paintball fight (just like in 10 Things I Hate About You) or a contest to identify as many constellations as you can. Then you can end it with a delicious meal that was lovingly prepared by you.

Food Suggestion: Pasta paired with wine and cheese is your best bet here! Check out this helpful guide for wine and cheese pairings to know your options.

Valentine’s Date Ideas: Movie Night in the Bedroom

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While it may not sound like the most romcom-y setting, the bedroom can still be turned into a cheesy date set up! Just ask Beca and Jesse from Pitch Perfect, their first date was when Jesse (Skylar Astin) drops by Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) room to show her the iconic ending of the classic movie, The Breakfast Club. They enjoyed it a lot and even ended up almost kissing— until one of Beca’s roommates entered the room!

In your version, you can go light a scented candle and put up some fairy lights (even Christmas lights will do!) to make the room look more beautiful. You would also want to make sure that the bedsheets are new and that it’s comfy for you and your loved ones.

Food Suggestion: A movie date is never one without popcorn! But if you want to try other snacks to go with your favorite film, check out these snack alternatives for movie dates!

Valentine’s Date Ideas: Boardgames in the Living Room

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The common area at home, or the living room, is an ideal place for Valentine’s day especially if your date is your entire family! It has enough space to keep everyone comfortable and you can also play games and be (healthily) competitive with each other. Just like how Bella and Edward did during a date in Twilight, where they spent the day with Edward’s family playing sports.

But because we’re just in the living room, you can adjust your games to the amount of space available. You can play jenga, scrabble, or monopoly, and you can also play a round or two of twister if the space allows! The games will surely fill you with happy hormones that you won’t even notice you’re at home.

Food Suggestion: Go for the classic chips and dip that everyone loves! If you want to add a personal touch to your menu, try these easy-to-make dishes for special occasions.

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