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UPCAT Non-qualifier? Here’s how to apply for reconsideration for admission

A non-qualifier is an UPCAT taker who did not qualify for their chosen UP campuses and courses, but has a UPG of 2.8 or better.

Just last Saturday, May 30, the University of the Philippines (UP) released the list of passers for the 2019 UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). According to a statement from the university’s Office of Admissions, more than 100,000 students took the exam for qualification to the state university for the incoming academic year, 2020-2021.

Due to the number of examinees—combined with the COVID-19 pandemic which forced government offices to work on a skeletal force—the release of the 2019 UPCAT results was delayed by two months, as it was originally scheduled on March 30. (Read: How are universities coping with the impacts of COVID-19?)

Students all over the country posted the screenshot of their results to social media, with many saying that they are blessed they can now call themselves Iskolar ng Bayan. However, there are also those who did not make it to the cut-offs of their chosen campuses.

For some of these non-qualifiers, they accepted their UPCAT results with heads high, saying that God has other plans for them. Meanwhile, there are also others who are still determined to get into UP through reconsideration.

Reconsideration is an alternative admission process in UP that is done through a series of screenings and interviews. It is only applicable to UPCAT takers who received non-qualifier letters. But how does one apply for this? (Read: LOOK: Two Catholic priests are among the 2019 bar exam passers!)

My Pope lists the things you need to know about the reconsideration process.

Office of the University Registrar. (Photo from University of the Philippines-Diliman website)

Claim your Non-Qualifier (NQ) notice/letter

The Non-Qualifier (NQ) notice is a letter from the UP Office of Admissions stating that you did not reach the cut-off grades for your chosen campuses and courses. The NQ notice also indicates your University Predicted Grade (UPG), with a breakdown of your percentage scores for the four subtests.

The UPG you get will determine which campuses you can apply to for reconsideration. You may ask the Office of Admissions for the cut off grades for the UP campuses in the country.

*A non-qualifier is an examinee who has a UPG of 2.8 or better (2.79, 2.5, etc.) who did not qualify for their chosen campuses and degrees

Call your chosen UP campuses

UP campuses have different cut off grades, reconsideration processes, and number of available slots for each degree program. Some campuses also do not accept appeals for reconsideration (UP Diliman is one).

Make sure to contact your chosen UP campuses first to ask about their processes, requirements, and schedules for appeals for admission/reconsideration so you would be ready before visiting the campus.

Here are the links to the campuses’ respective websites: UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UP Diliman, UP Los Baños, UP Manila, UP Mindanao, UP Open University, UP Visayas

Photo from University of the Philippines-Diliman website

Visit your chosen campuses

You have to personally submit the requirements for reconsideration to the Office of the University Registrar of the respective campuses. The basic requirement is your NQ notice which states that you are qualified to appeal. Other documents may be requested by the college or institute under which the degree you are applying to is.

Take note of all the important dates

Some degrees require their applicants to submit to an interview by the faculty to assess if they are fit for the course. Degrees can also administer tests to their applicants to test their knowledge on the degree itself and its related disciplines. (Read: We asked successful professionals: ‘What did you learn from your first job interview?’)

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