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LOOK: UP Diliman students develop sanitation tents to stop the spread of CoViD-19

With the coronavirus disease 2019 (CoViD-19) spreading across the country and affecting hundreds of Filipinos, health authorities, policy-makers, and scientists around the country are racing to invent ways to contain the further spread of the virus.

Luckily, with the unwavering effort of universities in contributing to this collective fight against the pandemic, a group of students from University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman has released a design for a sanitation tent that can be used to help stop the spread of the CoViD-19.


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Sanitation Tents

Sanitation Tent- MyPopePh

According to chemistry student Jeremie Pearl Cruz, the team is composed of industrial designers, chemists, and engineers from UP Diliman. They are already in the final stages of developing the sanitation tent which can be used in entrances to hospitals, MRT and LRT stations, bus stops, offices, grocery stores, and public markets.

The group also confirmed that they will send the tents to local government units free of charge and will allow free sharing on social media.



With our collaborative efforts, we can end this pandemic. #HelpUp and donate for the realization of the sanitation tents! For more information, send in your questions and concerns to


Text by Mark Baccay.

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