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3 Unique Desserts You Can Order for Father’s Day

Enjoy these delectable treats with the family for Father's Day!

It is Father’s Day tomorrow, which means we have to finalize all plans and activities to celebrate with the family. Many of us have probably already planned out what we would cook or order for mealtime, so we can start preparing or ordering early. But the question is, have you already planned your dessert?

We get that dessert can be difficult to make, especially if you already have an entire meal good for the family to prepare. But dessert is a great tanggal-umay addition to the meal itself. It’s like the saying, “End it with a bang!” but make it food. (Read: 5 Heartfelt Prayers For Fathers Of All Kinds)

Check out these unique desserts that the family will enjoy:

Father’s Day Desserts: Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Photo from Mary Grace Cafe Facebook

Yes, cheesecake isn’t that unique because it is one of the most common cake flavors out there. Sure, there are many different kinds of cheesecake, like the blueberry, lemon, strawberry, and even matcha cheesecake, but have you ever had a chocolate cheesecake? We bet not! (Read: LOOK: This Fine Cacao in Mindanao Will Transform PH Chocolate)

So why not try it out for Father’s Day, since Mary Grace Cafe has a limited edition dark chocolate cheesecake! It uses locally sourced chocolate, specifically the award-winning Auro dark chocolate, which is 64% dark.

The Mary Grace dark chocolate cheesecake retails for P287 per slice, and P2,098 for a whole cake.

Father’s Day Desserts: Coffee-Flavored Donuts

Photo from Krispy Kreme Philippines Instagram

If you’d much rather have more ‘handy’ desserts, you should go for Krispy Kreme’s new coffee-flavored donuts! Their latest release consists of three different flavors inspired by three different caffeine drinks that coffee lovers love. The three donuts are caramel macchiato, kaffee latte, and kaffe mocha.

All of them are cake doughnuts instead of the regular ones. You can order through GrabFood, FoodPanda, the Krispy Kreme website, Mangan, OrderMo, and Groover.

Father’s Day Desserts: Mango Cashew Cake

Photo from Bellefleur by Beatrix Facebook

We Filipinos love our mangoes, surely, because they remind us of home and the fresh air during the summertime. And we love putting them on food and drinks whenever we can—shakes, desserts, and even ulam. (Read: Independence Day Recipes: Pinoy Dishes for the Whole Family)

So it’s no surprise to us that there’s a delicious cake going around that’s made of mangoes, along with a heap load of cashews. Bellefleur by Beatrix on Instagram recently launched a limited edition Father’s Day cake for the entire month of June. The cake is a mango cashew cake that makes use of local mangoes and nine layers (yes, nine!) of soft cashew cake.

The 8-inch cake costs P1,600. You can order via Bellefleur by Beatrix’s Instagram.

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