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3 Unique Cafes You Should Visit in Manila

Enjoy a drink from these unique and very Instagrammable cafes!

Pre-pandemic, we would often go to coffee shops to review, have meetings or group studies, or work. It is a relatively quiet place where you can think, relax, eat, drink coffee or juice, and meet with friends and co-workers.

However, because of the pandemic, coffee shops had to temporarily close during the first few months, and when they re-opened, capacity was limited to 30-50%. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t go to coffee shops now— you just have to schedule when you’ll go to ensure you’d have a space you can occupy and sit at! (Read: Yes, These Quality Coffee Makers Cost Less Than P1,000!)

So if you’re looking for non-mainstream cafes to buy from, we have the list for you! Here are three cafes that are within budget, and are unique in their own ways:

Unique Cafes: Kurimi Milk Tea Bar

Photos from Kurimi Milk Tea Bar クリーミー Facebook

If you’ve ever watched To All The Boys: Always and Forever, you’d surely remember the scene where the three sisters are in a cafe that looks 2D. And that’s what Kurimi Milk Tea Bar’s interior looks like. Their unique theme? Comic books!

Visit Kurimi Milk Tea Bar on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

Unique Cafes: Crema MNL Cafe

Photos from Crema Mnl Facebook

Crema MNL Cafe is one of those under-the-radar, hole in the wall type of cafes. And that’s because the cafe is actually just a garage that the owners turned into a cafe! (Read: This Artist Paints Romantic Pictures of the Past Using Coffee)

But despite it being a garage-turned-cafe, they have a good number of options for coffee drinks. They also have bottled coffee which is a great choice for those who want an easy-to-carry coffee drink. You can check out their menu and location on their Facebook page.

Unique Cafes: Cinema ’76 Cafe

Photos from Cinema ’76 Cafe Facebook

If you’re a movie buff, this cafe might just pique your interest. The film company TBA Studios is expanding their business even more. From a micro-cinema in 2016, to a new branch in 2019, Cinema ’76 is now venturing into cafes!

The Cinema ’76 Cafe is an al fresco movie-themed cafe perfect for all film fans and coffee lovers. The layout looks so homey and inviting that you just want to sit on the sofa and enjoy a coffee with friends. And did we mention they even have bean bags?

The cafe just had its soft opening on June 11, so you might want to visit soon before it gets too crowded. Click here for more information.

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