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Confused On What Is The SOGIE Bill And Why Is It Important? Let These Shows Educate You

P.S. Spoilers ahead!

The conversation on the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) Equality Bill is once again taking over the news and social media after Lyndon Caña from the Coalition of Concerned Families of the Philippines claimed that the LGBTQ+ community is becoming a “super special elite class” during a House hearing for the passage of the bills. Aside from these concerns, there are also people who still get confused by the bill. 

There are laws in our legal system that are totally geared in favour of the “super special elite class”, but the SOGIE Equality Bill is not one of them. To understand better the purpose of the proposed bill, My Pope Philippines gathered episodes from our favorite LGBTQ+ series that perfectly explain the importance of the SOGIE Equality Bill. (Read: 3 Facts About the Award-Winning ‘Jake and Charice’ Documentary)

Gaya Sa Pelikula: Episode 06

Photo from Globe Studios YouTube

Gaya Sa Pelikula written by Juan Miguel Severo is one of the most viewed local BL (Boys Love) series right now not only for its characters’ undeniable chemistry but also how the series perfectly tackles important themes for the LGBTQ+ community.  

In this episode, Vlad, one of the main characters, revealed that he had issues and troubles growing up because he felt that he was the reason why his family fell apart. The constant bullying of her sister of his gender identity also took a toll on him. 

The nature of the scene tells us the struggle and trauma the LGBTQ+ community experiences not only from the society but also from their family as well. Here’s where the SOGIE Equality Bill will come in handy because the bill is ought to protect LGBTQ+ kids from harm and help their families understand the situation. 

Pearl Next Door: Episode 2: Theory of X and Constant

Photo from The IdeaFirst Company YouTube

Pearl Next Door by the IdealFirst Company is the first online GL (Girls Love) series to bless our screens and it’s definitely a must watch because it explores the life and experiences of the members of the bisexual and lesbian community. 

During the second episode of Pearl Next Door, the importance of the SOGIE bill was highlighted when Pearl, played by Adriana So, mentioned that she first felt she was different when she was still in high school but wasn’t really sure. With the proposed bill, every LGBTQ+ kids will now be protected and provided programs to understand themselves better. This will not only help them grow but also teach them to be a better citizen. 

Mga Batang POZ: Episode 5 – Chuchay

Photo from IMDb

Mga Batang POZ is based on the novel with the same title by Segundo Matias, Jr. It tells the journey of four teens who are faced with a life-changing situation and finding what it means to live after knowing they have HIV.

In the fifth episode,  the youngest character Chuchay played by Awra Briguela shared his story on how he contracted HIV. His story revealed that he was bribed by his employer to have sex with him. He also shared that he only gets his medicine at the nearby clinic. 

One might think that this situation only happens in TV series like Mga Batang POZ, but the truth is that it also happens in real life. That’s one of the main reasons why we need the SOGIE Bill because it extends equal rights to all people who have been a victim of sexual harassment. Also, the bill provides the right to access to health services, facilities, and establishments, and others, no matter what sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

Pose: Episode 9

Photo from Netflix / That Grape Juice

Ryan Murphy’s TV show Pose is a timeless journey of eye-opening episodes about relevant themes such as the AIDS crisis which obliterated the LGBTQ community in 1980s and the gender discrimination that is still rampant today. (Read:Pia Wurtzbach Calls on Voters to Register as Pemberton Gets Absolute Pardon )

In the ninth episode of the show, Elektra Wintour, a transgender woman, together with her friends are hanging out on a restaurant when another costumer asked them to leave because they are transgenders. Sad to day, these situations are still happening nowadays and it’s scarier than ever. With the proposed SOGIE Bill, these situations will not be tolerated as the bill seeks to promote equality and diversity in all establishments. 

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