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Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Diet for Your Dog

Fresh food, raw meat, or kibbles? Time to weigh them in!

Just like humans, our pets also need a change of food every once in a while. This is to avoid them just ignoring their meals because they don’t like it anymore.

Luckily, there are a plethora of wet and dry dog foods to choose from in the market. But some of these options contain preservatives or salt, which owners try to avoid for the most part. (LIST: Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs)

As a solution, some fur parents would substitute the ready-to-eat wet food with more natural options like meats, vegetables, and fruits. But as with humans, there are things we must remember before feeding our dogs certain food. After all, dogs, too have allergies of their own.

Here are the kinds of food you can feed your dogs, and what you should take note of before giving it to them.

Fresh Food: They Are Good for Your Dog’s Wellbeing

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Fresh food refers to produce like meats (lamb, chicken, pork, beef, etc.), fruits, and vegetables. The good thing about this kind is that they are fresh, natural, and have no preservatives added. It also provides good amounts of vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for overall wellbeing.

But owners shouldn’t forget that fresh food has allergens present and can trigger allergic reactions, depending on your dog’s body. What you should do is give a serving of the new food first and observe your pet for a few days to see any changes or reactions. If there are concerning changes, better talk to your vet and tell them what you fed your dogs. (Read: 3 Holiday Meals That You Should Never Feed Your Dogs With)

Fresh food, especially fruits, should also be given in moderation as it still contains sugar. Also, you should ask your vet what fresh food they recommend you to feed your fur babies.

Raw Food: Consult an Expert Before Feeding Your Dog

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Raw food, on the other hand, is actual uncooked meats, fruits, vegetables, and even egg. Advocates of raw food diets for dogs say it improves dental health, healthier skin, and better stool. However, some veterinarians warn that you should first have your dog checked if they are good to eat raw food.

That is because raw items may still contain pathogens, which could have been easily killed through cooking. It’s also not advisable for dogs who live with children and individuals who are immunocompromised to be on a raw food diet because of the bacteria it may contain.

And remember, dogs who have illnesses or diseases such as pancreatitis and cancer, and all puppies should only eat cooked food. (Read: DIY home remedies to keep you and your pets cool this summer)

Kibbles: Check the Label for Salt Content

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Kibbles are what we often call dry dog food. It’s what we would normally feed our dogs, together with wet food or ulam to encourage them to eat. But because kibbles are made from processed ingredients, more often than not, it contains preservatives to keep the fat from becoming rancid. And apart from the preservatives, it can also have sugar and salt in it.

While kibbles can provide healthier gums, reduced dental plaque, and easier storage, owners should always check the label of the dog food they’re buying. This is to avoid feeding our four-legged family members too much salt and other bad stuff.

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