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LOOK: Twitter Users Approve of Gina Pareño as a Disney ‘Lola’

The veteran actress expressed her interest in auditioning for a Disney 'lola' role.

For actors young and old, it is one thing to be recognized for a movie or series you starred in; but still, nothing beats the feeling of using your talents and skills for a bigger purpose— especially when it’s the global platform we’re talking about!

This is what veteran actress Gina Pareño is trying to do— she does not necessarily aim to be famous around the world, but rather, she wants to be part of something that transcends timezones, lands, and seas. That’s why when she learned that Walt Disney has been looking for a Filipina lola aged 50-90 years old, she immediately took to Twitter to express her interest in the role. (Read: Disney+ to Release Baymax, Moana, Zootopia Animated TV Series)

“Pasado ba ako pag nag audition ako sa Disney?” the 71-year-old actress tweeted, asking her followers who immediately retweeted her post, with some even saying that the role would fit her perfectly.

In November 2020, a Filipino-themed Christmas video by Walt Disney UK went viral on social media for its heartwarming story of a young girl and her beloved lola (grandmother). (Photo from Disney UK YouTube)

Perfect for a Disney Lola

Pareño, a widely-acknowledged actress in the Filipino film industry, has been starring in several award-winning movies for almost six decades now. Even today, she is well-loved by Filipinos of all ages as she creatively captures her every role and brings her audience with her in her every journey.

Pareño’s impeccable talent and dedication to her work are exactly the reasons why it’s been no surprise that many were supportive when she expressed her interest in bringing her talent to the global stage. (Read: 5 Fil-Am Grammy Nominees to Watch Out for in 2021)

“Go! Kayang kaya mo po yan Madam Gina! Malaki ang chance mo,” said one twitter user’s reply to Pareño’s tweet. “Pakidala na din lahat ng acting awards mo po hehehe. Goodluck!”

Another netizen, clearly a fan of Pareño’s works, expressed hopes for the actress to get the role. He even accompanied his tweet with a screenshot of Pareño’s iconic line in Juan Miguel Severo’s Hinatayan ng Langit (Heaven’s Waiting).


As of writing, Walt Disney has not disclosed any information about the project, but the shooting is said to start by February of this year in Atlanta, Georgia. The role does not require professional acting experience, and only needs an actress who is willing to fly out to Georgia for the shoot and is fluent in the English language.

Actors who would like to audition for the role may send in their videos to


Text by Katie Rojas and Aizel Dolom.

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