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How you can turn your hobby into a personal advocacy

When is a hobby more than a pastime or pleasurable activity? For us at My Pope Philippines, it’s when one uses it to help others without expecting anything in return. 

Turn your favorite forms of leisure into personal advocacies by volunteering your hobby, talent, and time to these non-profit organizations! As Pope Francis once said, “A Christian who withdraws into himself, hiding all that the Lord has given him, is not a Christian!” 

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Appreciate art? Be a creative volunteer!

The Cultural Center of the Philippines always needs volunteers to serve as ushers, assist at the backstage of shows or festivals, conduct guided tours, and others. Expect to make new friends and be in the presence of prominent local and international artists. The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Ayala Museum, and The Parc Foundation are also in need of volunteers for their various programs. If you want to be involved in the creative process yourself, check out Juan Portrait, whose volunteers teach photography to schoolchildren all over the country to preserve images of their unique cultures. 

Love the water? Participate in beach cleanups!

At Marine Conservation Philippines, volunteers participate in beach cleanups, survey and document coral reefs, and even create artificial ones or restore damaged ones. Participating in cleanups and recording information on the debris collected are just some of the responsibilities of those who volunteer to International Coastal Cleanup Philippines

Like to cook? Join a soup kitchen!

Karinderia Ni Mang Urot has been feeding the hungry and homeless since it was founded by private citizen Benjie Abad in 2012. Contact Erwin at for more information. Project Pearls also needs volunteers to help feed the poorest of the poor—children who go hungry or live on pagpag, scraps of discarded food boiled several times for taste. Arts & crafts and after-school programs feed the mind. Hosting a meal-packing event, working in the warehouse, and signing up for an office internship are some of the things you can do in Rise Against Hunger. The US-based nonprofit organization established itself in the Philippines after it helped feed scores of victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. 



Text by Joy Rojas. Photos from Pexels and Giphy.

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