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Have You Heard? CCP Will Hold a Multi-Arts Festival This Weekend!

Participate in art workshops, visit virtual booths, and watch performances at the 'Tuloy Po Kayo' website!

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people have been gravely affected. Those who work in the travel, food, leisure, and entertainment industries were forced to make great adjustments, with some even shutting down due to the economic crisis.

For the entertainment industry, we’ve seen a lot of theater performances canceled, concerts postponed, and other similar events moved to a later date. Performers and artists lost gigs and had to look for temporary alternative sources of income to get them through the pandemic. They also temporarily lost their avenue for their respective art forms due to COVID-19. (Read: A Prayer for Artists in Times of Crisis)

Good thing, the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has launched a platform where Filipino artists can showcase their talents and collaborate with each other! The website, called, is part of the CCP’s online multi-arts festival, “TULOY PO KAYO: Palihan. Palabas. Palitan.”

#TPK2021: PALITAN – Buying and Selling in the New Normal. A special talk by the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) and the Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM), on how their network continues to sustain and progress amid the time of enforced quarantine. (Photo from Cultural Center of the Philippines Facebook)

The online multi-arts festival has three components— Palihan, Palabas, and Palitan. Each of these three serves a different purpose and present different activities for the audiences. Read below to know them! (Read: #ArtForMedPH: Filipino artists are helping fight the Covid-19)

Tuloy Po Kayo Festival: Palihan

Palihan is the workshop area of the Tuloy Po Kayo Festival. Here, people of all ages can join free workshops taught by performers through recurring Zoom sessions. You’ll be able to choose between Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino, Bulwagang Amado Hernandez, and Bulwagang Francisca Reyes Aquino for the workshops.

Tuloy Po Kayo Festival: Palabas

Palabas is where art enthusiasts can watch performances and activities by resident companies and culture and arts groups from the different regions of the Philippines. Theater, dance, visual arts, music, film, literature— you name it, you can watch it! Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Tanghalang Huseng Batute, Tanghalang Manuel Conde, and Bulwagang Juan Luna are the options for Palabas.

Tuloy Po Kayo Festival: Palitan

Palitan is the Arts Fair component of the Tuloy Po Kayo Festival. Here, visitors will get to read the Performing Arts Directory and virtually visit booths of arts groups in the country. You will be able to see products and personalities through these booths as well!

The Tuloy Po Kayo Festival will run from March 26 to 28. You may check out this streaming guide for a better experience.

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