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Get #Trashtag Challenge Trending in the Philippines Now

Ever since the use of hashtags became popular on the Internet, more and more people have developed fun and quirky ways to make their posts trend online. Among these are witty challenges that people from all over the world participate in, mostly for everyone’s entertainment.

We thought we’d seen it all– from the #MannequinChallenge that had even the most famous celebrities freeze like mannequins in front of a moving camera, to the #KikiChallenge, which had people jumping out of a moving car and dancing—we even had the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issue a warning about the challenge’s dangers. But the Internet’s #challenge culture has the potential to go far beyond mere fun and entertainment, as this particular trend proves.

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The #Trashtag challenge is currently going viral for all the right reasons. The challenge, which encourages online users to become role models in caring for the environment, involves netizens striking a pose in areas full of garbage. This comprises their “before” photos. The “after” pictures show the areas free of litter, with the netizens posing with full garbage bags neatly lined up, their cleanup clearly done. Their captions include #Trashtag, as well as the names of the family and friends they encourage to participate in the challenge.

So far, numerous people all over the globe have been inspired by #Trashtag. Photos of these netizens—most of them millennials—proudly show parks, beaches, or streets sparkling clean, thanks to the challenge. Need proof? Check out these environmental heroes and their achievements!

From Patrick Del Rosario, Nueva Ecija

There may not be a lot of posts from the Philippines yet, but the challenge is slowly gaining momentum, with some of the youth calling for support. Hopefully, we Pinoys will soon start feeling responsible for our shared public spaces, and start #Trashtagging our way to a cleaner country!

Tagging you here, Philippines! It’s our turn to become heroes for the environment!



Text by Aizel Dolom. Photos from Twitter.

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