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LIST: Traditional Palm Sunday Recipes You Should Try Today

Aside from waving palms, some countries also have traditional food they serve at the start of Holy Week.

Today, Palm Sunday, marks the beginning of the Holy Week. This means the religious will be hearing or attending Mass and fulfill the centuries-old tradition of waving their palm leaves or palaspas.

This tradition is engrained in Filipino Catholics’ hearts, as this symbolizes the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, as mentioned in the Gospel. Other countries also do this, sometimes a bit differently, to symbolize Palm Sunday. But did you know that there are places that celebrate this day through food? (Read: Vatican Releases Guidelines for Holy Week 2021)

Yes, there are some who actually have longstanding Palm Sunday traditions that involve food and eating— which relate to the passages and verses in the Bible! Here are some of the unique Palm Sunday food and food traditions around the world.

Traditional Palm Sunday Food: Pax Cakes

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Pax cake is a British baked good that is traditionally served during Lent. Pax is a Latin word that means peace, as it is said to symbolize peace and goodwill. It is given to churchgoers before they leave after Palm Sunday Mass.

Pax cake looks similar to a pancake, and its history goes way back to the 16th century. Here is a recipe for pax cake.

Traditional Palm Sunday Food: Pea Soup

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Serving pea soup is another English Palm Sunday tradition. This practice is said to have come from the story that pilgrims put a hard pea in their shoes as a sacrifice during Lent. (Read: Your 7-Day Meal Plan for the Lenten Season)

Eating a pea-based dish or soup marks the end of their penance. Find a recipe here.

Traditional Palm Sunday Food: Bakaliaros

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Bakaliaros is a Greek dish, which means salt cod when translated. Similar to battered fish, it is what is commonly eaten every Palm Sunday to break the Lenten fast.

It is said that bakaliaros is also eaten every March 25— the Greek Independence Day and the Annunciation of Mary. Get the recipe here.

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