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Don’t Know What To Cook For The Day? Ask Tita Maggi– The Home Cook Tita We All Need

Let this virtual tita help you with your kitchen struggles!

If you’re tired and umay from the repetitive homecooked meals this quarantine, Tita Maggi– the home cook tita we all need– is here for you!

For 481 days or 11,520 hours or 691,200 minutes of quarantine, we have been asking ourselves what to eat for lunch or dinner (and sometimes, even breakfast). And for those who are newbies to cooking and just started preparing food this quarantine, it can be even more challenging to think of dishes to cook at home. But Tita Maggi has come in to save the day! (Read: Try These 4 Frozen Yogurt Bark Recipes For A Healthy And Tasty Snack)

Tita MAGGI on Messenger

Tita Maggi is not your typical tita, it is a bot created by MAGGI for kitchen newbies to run to for recipes. It can be accessed through Facebook Messenger, where people can ask for recipes and even cooking and nutrition tips. Curious? Here are the steps!

Photos from Tita MAGGI Messenger

Step 1: Open Messenger and search ‘Tita MAGGI’

You would need to be logged in to a Messenger account to be able to access Tita MAGGI. In the search bar on top of the screen, just search Tita MAGGI and click on the legitimate account. Or you can also click here to access it right away.

Step 2: Click ‘Get Started’

After opening the conversation with the bot, you just have to click ‘Get Started’ to begin. Once you click, a menu will appear with options such as ‘Find A Recipe’, ‘Purchase MAGGI Products’, and ‘Ask Tita MAGGI’.

Step 3: Choose the option that fits your needs

If you’re accessing the bot to ask for a recipe, click on Find a Recipe on the menu. And if you want to buy MAGGI products, choose the option that pertains to it on the menu. It’s as easy as that!

*Note: Find a Recipe has three subcategories: Search a Recipe (you can look up a dish and it will give you the recipe), Cook my Ingredients (you give the ingredients available to you and it will give you recipes that use just that), and Cook for an Occasion (it will suggest dishes that are perfect for the occasion you choose).

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