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Solenn Heusaff Shares Tips To Help Moms Deal With Picky Eaters

Take note of these tips that can improve the diet of your little ones!

Toddlers and kids tend to be picky eaters that stress out and worry most mothers. Feeding them is a common struggle that usually takes hours and lots of playtime. And just like all moms, actress and model Solenn Heusaff can relate to this! 

In Philstar’s online show, Slam Book, Solenn talked about her own struggles in feeding her daughter, Thylane Katana or more popularly known as Tili. As a first-time mom, she said she has been reading about babies and their eating habits since Tili is “quite picky,” which may be similar to other toddlers and kids. The main concern of mothers of picky eaters is the amount of nutrition that their kids consume. 

Lessen your worry now as Solenn gave some tips you can follow to feed your kids easily and encourage them to eat healthily! (Read: 5 Celeb Babies Who Were Born in Pandemic Year 2020)

Experiment with other cooking methods together

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Cooking is one of the best bonding moments you can do with your kids at home. Many of us might know that Solenn loves to cook, and recently she got into baking. She always makes sure that Tili is present every time she cooks or bakes. Solenn let Tili observe and even gave her a bowl with flour and water to experiment with texture, get the taste of preparing food, and enjoy the process. It may sound messy, but if it is fun and effective, why not try it? Explore different recipes and cooking methods, particularly baking, together. Start them young!  

Hide vegetables in eggs

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Vegetables are the most essential food that kids must consume. However, it is also the food that they hate the most. The first-time mom mentioned that Tili used to eat broccoli, spinach, and green beans every day when she was younger. But now, Solenn is having a hard time feeding Tili some veggies, so she had to hide them in eggs for Tili to eat healthier. You can come up with vegan scrambled eggs or an omelet infused with veggies! (Read: 4 Fiber-rich Food That Kids Will Love)

Offer bite-sized snacks

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Solenn also loves to share some of her baking and cooking recipes on her vlog and Instagram. If you follow her on Instagram, you probably saw the delicious snacks and drinks she prepared for Tili. Aside from rice and fish, Tili is currently obsessed with banana chips, according to Solenn. So, she usually bakes bananas and makes them a bit crunchy! You can apply this tip by observing which fruits, vegetables, and snacks your kids like, then turn them into a snack such as cupcakes, donuts, and other finger food they might enjoy! (Read: LOOK: Solenn’s Baby Food Recipes Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again)

Don’t force-feed

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Most parents have tried or are still doing this method in feeding their kids. You might want to consider practicing other ways in feeding your kids without stressing them and yourself too. It is not easy to convince picky eaters to intake a certain food they don’t like. Solenn stressed that she doesn’t want to force Tili to do the things she doesn’t want to and is uncomfortable with. Instead of forcing her daughter to eat, she asks and offers other food. When Tili declines, Solenn simply tells her that maybe they can try eating it next time. The actress advised just to observe them and allow them to have thoughts and decisions because “at the end of the day, kids will grow into their own person.”

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