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Five Tips to Meeting Pope Francis

Because so many of you have asked about joining the Papal Audience, we’ve listed down five tips for those who are planning to receive Lolo Kiko’s blessings–live!

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Plan ahead and make sure you’ll be in Rome on a Wednesday

Papal Audiences are held on Wednesdays, but you first need to check if Pope Francis is also in the Vatican during your visit! Take into consideration the fact that the Pope travels a lot, and no Pope = no Papal Audience.

Tickets are free!

You don’t need a reservation if you need fewer than 10 tickets. Just get them from the Swiss Guard at the Bronze Doors. If you need more than 10 tickets, you have to make reservation in advance. Go to this website to download the reservation form. Also, keep in mind that people from all over the world want to join the Papal Audience, so you won’t be the only one asking the Swiss Guard for tickets.


Be there ahead of schedule

The Papal Audience starts at 10 am, but the venue (St. Peter’s Square in spring, summer, and part of autumn, and Paul VI Audience Hall in winter) fills up at least three hours before commencement. Security opens its doors at 8 to 8:30 am, so be there before then if you want to be first in line! Rome won’t be on “Manila time” and it will be a shame if you miss your chance at seeing the Pope if you don’t arrive early enough.

It can be hot outdoors, so make sure you have hats, sunscreen, and water.

Security will be tight, and sharp items like knives and scissors are not allowed in the area.

Always check the Vatican’s official website for updates.

It usually posts events three months ahead of the actual dates.


Text by the My Pope team. Photos from Open Society Foundations and GIPHY.

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