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4 Things to Consider Before You Retire, According to Chinkee Tan

Let the wealth coach prepare you to live comfortably in your golden years!

After devoting practically your entire adult life to a demanding job, retirement spells the ultimate goal. It affords you more time with your family and personal passions. It also allows you to discover new interests or to simply take it slow and relax for as long as you want.

But retirement comes with a caveat. No job means no income— and spending doesn’t end when you stop working. Still, it is possible to retire comfortably—and yes, even at a relatively young age. (Read: 3 Things Every Newbie Investor Should Know)

Ferdinand “Chinkee” Tan, the radio, TV, and social media personality who has quite the following as an engaging motivational speaker and wealth and life coach, gives sensible—and doable—advice on the right way to retire through his YouTube channel, Chink Positive

My Pope Philippines lists four of Chinkee Tan’s best advice when it comes to retirement.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Retire?

Anyone with a distant-future plan of retiring will learn a lot from the questions Chinkee Tan raises in this vlog. From asking yourself “Why are you retiring?” to “Can you afford to retire?” and “What’s your contingency plan?” these tips will make you think carefully before you hand in your irrevocable resignation.

What Should You Avoid Doing When You Retire?

Again, another vlog you should watch before closing the chapter to your career. Chinkee Tan identifies these mistakes based on a relative who once lived a life of luxury— big house, parties galore, frequent trips abroad— only to end up broke. (Read: 5 Ways to Manage Your Finances Amid COVID-19)

What Are the Biggest Regrets of Retirees?

You’re officially a retiree: No more boss, long and early commutes, and working on weekends. So why are you still unhappy? In this vlog, Chinkee Tan enumerates what retirees wished they could have done differently— not taking good care of their health, not spending more time with family, not traveling more. Learn from their mistakes to make your retirement years meaningful ones. 

How Do You Become Rich with Zero Money?

Possible? Yes, says Mr. Chink Positive in this vlog, which retirees worried about their dwindling retirement funds can learn from. He’s not talking about those get-rich-quick and too-good-to-be-true schemes. To be truly rich, it takes time and smart, practical moves. (Read: 3 Financial Habits to Instill in Your Children)

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