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Friday, November 27, 2020
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Pinay Fashion Designer To Sponsor Wedding Gowns For Frontliners

Attention, frontliner brides! Now's your chance to cop a free wedding gown!

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, many wedding ceremonies and plans were halted. One can only imagine the stress of many brides-to-be as they settle refunds of suppliers while trying to reschedule church and venue bookings.

While all of us anticipate the “new normal,” fashion designer Tin Tamayo looks at the bright side—she’s going to sponsor wedding gowns for three lucky soon-to-wed frontliners whose weddings will be on December 2020 onwards. (Read: Here’s what you can expect on 2020 weddings, baptisms, Sunday Masses)

“[This] is my own little way of showing how grateful I am to these individuals,” says Tin, who owns a local bridal shop called Infinity Weddings. My Pope talks to this fashion designer-slash-licensed nurse on her good deed. 

Photo from Tin Tamayo Facebook

Why are you sponsoring wedding gowns for frontliners?

The world is facing an unknown enemy—COVID-19. It is very contagious that’s why we’re all placed under an enhanced community quarantine. And while everybody is being reminded to stay safe and be healthy, these health workers are risking their lives for us.

Though I am a fashion designer and a stylist by heart—financial analyst by position—I was once a nurse, too. I am a licensed nurse and I know how hard it is to take care of those who are in need. The fact that there is an ongoing virus means there is an added weight to their duty. (Read: 4 Millennial Frontliners Who Are Making A Big Difference)

We are all facing difficulties in these times, so I came up with an idea of sponsoring a wedding gown—not only for our health workers, but also for those people who willingly carry the huge responsibility of being a frontliner.

When did your bridal shop business start?

I actually started from scratch! After my lovely husband and I got married, I posted pictures of my wedding gown on my social media accounts. Some of the women [who saw it] tried to rent the gown I used. Then I realized, why not start my own bridal shop business? (Read: We asked successful professionals: ‘What did you learn from your first job interview?’)

I started online and began meeting clients on December 2016. Soon, because people trusted me and loved my work, I officially opened a physical shop on October 2019 after I gave birth since I don’t want to expose myself outside while I breastfeed my only child.

How has this pandemic hit the wedding business?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I decided to stop meeting new clients as a safety precaution for everyone. But as we go along, many of my scheduled weddings were also canceled, and this greatly affects the usual profit of the business. Though I have a skeletal workforce working for me online, there’s still a huge difference now. (Read: Bride-to-be marries fiancé in ‘Animal Crossing’ wedding)

Photo courtesy of subject

How can we nominate a bride or groom for the sponsorship?

Anyone can nominate a bride or a groom to be our lucky frontliners. You just need to submit their names to my admins. We will check the credentials, and once qualified, we’ll include their names on my official list. (Read: Anne Curtis, blk cosmetics to donate pampering face masks for frontliners)

But since I want to be fair to everybody (since most of the nominators express their own thoughts on how their nominees are deserving), I decided to do a draw. The more nominators they’ll have, the more entries they’ll get. Then again, only the names of the qualified individuals—those who worked during the lockdown period—will be included on the draw.

Aside from wedding gowns, what else will be free?

I decided to give the complete package. With the wedding gown, winners will also receive wedding gown accessories: Unity Veil (the union veil during the ceremony), Chapel Veil (the one used while walking down the aisle), Ring and Coin Pillow (for the wedding arrhae and union coins), and Garter and Cords.

If you wish to nominate a frontliner or want Tin to handle your weddings, you may message her or visit her Facebook page, Infinity Weddings, for more details.

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