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5 TikTok Accounts to Follow for Easy Recipes

Their TikTok tutorials are not only entertaining, they will also motivate you to cook-up your own recipe!

Over the course of the quarantine period, many Filipinos have downloaded the mobile app TikTok to keep themselves and their friends entertained while at home. Some have been recreating dance videos with amazing choreography, while others are participating in fun and trending challenges on the platform.

Aside from the trending dance videos and challenges, there are also others who downloaded the Tiktok app for quick and easy tutorials—like cooking. Yes, you read that right. There are TikTokers who post cooking videos and DIY recipes on their accounts! (Read: 3 Filipino Street Food Recipes You Can Make at Home)

But with the hundreds of TikTok accounts out there that are dedicated to cooking, it might be hard to find the perfect TikToker chef for you. But fret not, we’ve got you covered! Here are our five recommended TikTok cooking accounts and why you should tap that follow button.

Tie My Apron


@blazepizza #pizza #blazepizza #blazefromhome #foodie #fyp #dinner

♬ Busy thinkin bout…FOOD – V.A.

Tie My Apron is perfect for those who can’t easily access a grocery or wet market, especially during the quarantine. (Read: 10 grocery must-haves to help you plan a week’s worth of meals) She tries to make ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook meals like frozen pizza into gourmet dishes without much effort! In such a case that you can’t go out and buy a restock for your fridge, @tiemyapron is your best friend.

Vivian Aronson


Reply to @positivevibesonly0408 remember this fried rice shape like a pineapple? What would you put in your fried rice??#cooking#chinesefood#howto

♬ original sound – cookingbomb

Vivian Aronson, or @cookingbomb on Tiktok, is a former MasterChef contestant—so you’re sure whatever she’s cooking is good! She specializes in Asian recipes, more often Chinese, and some Asian-inspired food. Some of her most recipes are stir-fry, sweet and sour Chinese ribs, and miso salmon.



Fruit Loop ice cream to celebrate the rainbow of love!! You are all worth it! #pride #pridemonth #yum #icecream #recipe #cook #food #forus #baking

♬ original sound – jessiesayhey

Jess, the face behind @jessiesayhey on Tiktok, has a young son and she loves cooking with him! So if you have a young child, sibling, or nephew/niece, her account is perfect for you. Her recipes are easy to follow and safe for when kids are around. (Read: An Expert’s Tip to Instilling Faith in Young Children)

Tabitha Brown


When you use what you got, but mess around and make a whole beautiful meal!!?? FYI: i roasted my veggies for 20 minutes of 475❤️ #tabithabrown

♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

A content creator and actress, Tabitha Brown has been a vegan ever since she found out it helped ease her chronic pain and fatigue. (Read: Five Vegan Restaurants in Metro Manila) Now, Tabitha’s sharing her favorite vegan recipes to the world and demonstrating how to cook it through her TikTok account, @iamtabithabrown. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy her videos, her recipes are mouthwatering enough, you would want to try them!

Jack George Ralph


Butter Toffee tutorial, featuring @acooknamedmatt and @flakeysalt interrupting me ? #fyp #satisfying #chef #dessert #foryou #beautiful #baker #food

♬ original sound – jackgeorgeralph

Jack, or @jackgeorgeralph on TikTok, is a British chocolatier who owns ArtChocolat, a luxury chocolate company. He found a deeper connection to the culinary world while in law school which is why he decided to establish ArtChocolat at the age of 21. Now, he shares how to make ganache, bonbons, and other sweet treats on his TikTok for all the sweet tooths out there!

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