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3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Seventeen’s ‘Hitorijanai’

'Hitorijanai' is the summer song we've all been waiting for!

Last Thursday, 13-piece Korean boy group Seventeen released their newest Japan single, “Hitorijanai.” The song, which when translated means “not alone,” is the group’s third Japan single in their almost-six-year career.

Following the release, CARATs (Seventeen fans) were treated to a fun, carefree music video just yesterday, April 18. YouTube reactors were quick to create their own reaction videos to the song — and they all had nothing but praises to say about “Hitorijanai!” Many were even encouraging everyone, especially Kpop fans, to stream it on all social media platforms. (Read: 3 Good Reasons to Listen to ‘Spider’ by Seventeen Hoshi)

So what’s so special about Seventeen’s newest single and why is it trending on social media? My Pope Philippines is giving you reasons why “Hitorijanai” is the deal and why you should give it a listen!

#1: Hitorijanai Is the Perfect Summer Song

Photo from SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube

Summers are often associated with vacations and road trips, barbecues, and hangouts with friends and family. And what are road trips and hangouts without songs blasting from speakers, right? (Read: Explainer: The Anatomy of a Kpop Album)

Hitorijanai is the perfect summer song for when you’re at home lounging and resting the afternoon away. It brings in good vibes which will surely make you smile after listening.

#2: Its Music Video Is Super Fun!

Photo from SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube

Seventeen fans get the best of both worlds with the group’s music and music videos. They can go from playing in the park to being heartbroken to portraying dark ‘vampire-y’ individuals in their music videos, depending on their song and concept. (Read: We Are All Excited About These Kpop Comebacks This Month!)

For “Hitorijanai,” the boys are unleashing their childlike spirits and riding a bike in an empty stadium and cart racing inside a supermarket. Plus, their outfits are just so adorable and pastel, we want to wear all of them!

#3: Seventeen Conveys a Touching Message Through the Song

Just like we mentioned, the song’s title means “not alone” in Japanese— and that’s what Seventeen is reminding all of us! Despite the isolation brought about by the pandemic, we’re not alone in this world. We have people around us— family, friends, partners— that are always by our side, celebrating our victories (big and small), and keeping us sane amid this health crisis.

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