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LOOK: This Packaging Can Preserve Milk up to 6 Months!

Thanks to this new development, we can now save thousands of liters of carabao milk!

If you’re someone who loves to eat cheese, drink milk, or consume any other dairy products, you would know that you would have to finish it immediately after opening. Our parents would even tell us not to let our dairy-infused treats unconsumed for long, so as to avoid spoilage.

In general, producers of dairy products recommend finishing up an opened carton of milk within just three days. Unopened milk, on the other hand, should only stay on the shelves for five to seven days. (Read: 5 Dessert Recipes Using Fruits in Summer Season)

This short window of time is not only a hassle to consumers who work on a limited budget, but it is also a problem for farmers who want to distribute their products to more customers and maximize their income from milk and dairy.

This is why it comes as good news that the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has developed a packaging that extends the life of carabao milk!

Photo courtesy of SMC media affairs

Longer Shelf Life

Through the ‘retort’ technology used in the packaging, San Miguel’s Packaging Group was able to extend the shelf life of carabao milk by six months.

“This will be a major boost for carabao farmers and the carabao industry in general,” San Miguel president and COO Ramon Ang said. “The main limitation— perishability— that kept farmers from maximizing their income and growing their business, has been solved. Now, their products can be sold to more consumers in more markets.”

The new packaging boasts of not using any preservatives, despite it being able to keep the freshness of the milk. This allows the products to still be natural and have the same taste— with the added benefit of having a longer shelf life! (Read: 3 Dessert Recipes You Can Try for Breakfast)

“Carabao milk is very nutritious so there is a big market for it. We see this as potentially jumpstarting the growth of the carabao industry. We look forward to continue helping them in any way we can to further grow their industry,” Ang says.

Last year, through this new packaging, San Miguel was able to save thousands of liters of carabao’s milk from their excess inventory, and gave it to poor communities.

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