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3 Things to Do After Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Here's your reminder to get vaccinated when you get the chance!

The country’s COVID-19 vaccination program is well underway, with 1.48 million doses already given, and 198,000 individuals now fully vaccinated. More will be receiving their shots in the coming days and weeks, as vaccines ordered by the government and private companies will be arriving soon.

Many are admittedly looking forward to getting their jabs especially senior citizens and those who have comorbidities and are immunocompromised. But what should we be doing after we get our own vaccines? We all know the protocol for signing up and getting the vaccine, but do we know what the post-vaccine protocols are? (Read: Bataan Diocese Eyes Free COVID-19 Vaccine for Church Workers)

Here are a few UNICEF– and CDC-approved tips for after getting your COVID-19 shot to help you when it’s finally your turn to be inoculated!

#1: Stay At the Vaccination Site for 15-30 Minutes

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As with any other vaccine, the COVID-19 vaccine carries a few side effects depending on an individual’s body and reaction to it. Some noted experiencing headaches, pain on the vaccinated area, tiredness, and muscle pain after their shot.

While these are mild, there are rare instances when an individual had severe reactions to the vaccine— fainting, vomiting, allergies, and wheezing, among others. This is why it is recommended that you stay for 15-30 minutes more after your jab so healthcare workers may be able to observe you for any severe reaction.

Any unusual or uncomfortable reactions you feel after the vaccination should also be reported to the onsite staff.

#2: Take the Day Off From School or Work

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Fever and muscle aches are common side effects of the vaccine, as the body is building immunity against the virus. Rest is the best way to cope with these side effects— take the day off from school or work, and drink plenty of fluids.

CDC also suggests wearing light, comfortable clothes to reduce the hot/warm feeling due to the fever. (Read: How Effective is China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine?)

#3: Exercise Your Arm Where the Vaccine Was Administered

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Your arm (where the vaccine was administered) will surely feel sore or heavy after the shot, as most vaccines also do. What you can do is exercise your arm by moving it gently but regularly so it would lessen the aches. You can also apply a clean, cold cloth to the arm. (Read: Meet the Pinoy Priest Who Is Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine for All)

My Pope Reminder: Even if you have been fully vaccinated, you should still observe minimum health protocols such as wearing face masks and practice physical distancing. Experts are also still studying whether or not a fully inoculated individual can still be infected or be a carrier of the novel coronavirus.

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