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These Titles Are Saying Goodbye to Netflix This November

It's time to re-watch them before it's gone!

If you’ve been on Netflix on your browser or app recently, you might have seen the notice on some shows and films stating that they will be removed soon from the streaming platform. That’s because just like last time, contracts to stream for several titles on Netflix are coming to an end this November.

While this is sad news, Netflix fans shouldn’t dwell on the fact that it will be leaving Netflix, but instead take this time to re-watch their favorites before it officially says goodbye to the streaming platform. So if you’re a Netflix fan aching to know which titles are being removed, or want to see if you need to re-watch anything one last time, then we’ve got you! (Read: These K-Dramas Are Leaving Netflix on September 30)

Here are the titles being removed from the streaming platform this month. (Note: This list may change without prior notice.)

The Nun

The 2018 horror thriller film will be saying its goodbyes on November 7.

Point Break

The 1991 action thriller movie starring Keanu Reeves as FBI agent Johnny Utah will be leaving Netflix on November 15.

Kita Kita

This Filipino film starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez is being removed from Netflix by November 16.

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns

This Brendan Fraser-top billed movie series is set to leave the streaming platform on November 16. (Read: 5 Life Lessons Millennials Can Learn From ‘Emily in Paris’)

Jurassic Park

A fan of the Jurassic Park films? Unfortunately, the original film–directed by no other than Steven Spielberg–is bidding farewell to Netflix on November 16.

The Purge: Anarchy

The 2014 horror action film centered on an annual purge will be gone from the streaming platform by November 16.

Ms. Hammurabi Season 1

This Korean legal drama starring Go Ara and Lee Elijah is saying its farewell to Netflix on November 16.

Check Netflix’s official social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for more updates on your favorite films and series.

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